*Gulp* She pulled up.

So yesterday, out of the blue I pulled out the little Leap Frog table I’d picked up at a consignment sale a few months ago. I sat her down in front of it, pressed some buttons to make the lights & songs go and almost instantly she grabbed it, pulled on it and BAM she was standing. I almost cried. She’s still too short to really pull up on the couch or anything, but I’m continually blown away when she does these things.

I don’t have video of her pulling up from sitting, but I did get this video today of her standing at the Leap table.


Now we’re on YouTubes

So, this Christmas Scott and I were all romantic and didn’t really do presents traditionally. We bought a Flip Video camera, and here’s our first project.

It’s of crazy old Smarty, who has all of the sudden taken a keen interest in her water bowl. Bear in mind, we’ve had this water bowl since this summer and it’s been all good. Now apparently it’s turned into a toy, creating puddles. And perhaps fun for her? Hard to tell.

Anyway, we created a YouTube “channel” for all the other fun videos we’ll be making in the months to come. Contrary to what my husband might have told you, there will not be a birth video, that was a joke.