I promise my blog won’t be a “P90X” blog, but…

… I just wanted to update you on where we’re at after taking that little break last weekend. My back is still hit or miss – I have good & bad days but it’s generally getting better. Plus, the Physical Therapist said I need to strenghthen it to make it better. S cott was out of town all of last week, and I decided to just do it (Nike-style). I’m still really enjoying it and really feeling pushed by it – and I’ve lost 6 pounds in the 3 weeks since we’ve been doing it, putting me at only 4 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. And in all honestly, we haven’t been doing it 100% like they recommend. We’re not following the diet at all, except for the broad take away we got from reading it: eat more protein and less carbs than we typically do. The diet plan is very unrealistic in my opinion… I’m not going to eat 10 egg whites for breakfast. True story, this is one of Scott’s breakfast option. Um, that’s almost a dozen eggs. No, that’s just not going to happen! I did about 5 days/week of P90X for the past 3 weeks, which is not quite what they recommend but I am still feeling good & seeing results so I’ll take it. Scott, being away, took more days off than I did, so we’re going to start again tonight with the intention of doing 2 weeks of the first phase then hit the recovery week. I’m really enjoying the workouts, though I could definitely see replacing Kenpo X and Plyometrics with an outdoor run at some point. Being that you do them every week for the entirety of the 90 days, they’ll get very old (seeing as they’re already my least favorite).

I have lots of blog updates to do, and I’m making a commitment to get back on the blog train 🙂 Woo woo!


What’s going on…

My goal for this week is to “Get it Together.” Meaning, all the crap that has accumluated in our house. Getting organized and/or getting rid of stuff we don’t need is the new name of the game. We’ve always had trouble with this, I’ll be honest, and it’s like 309 times worse with all the baby gear! We’re getting ready to furnish and design the last empty room in our house – a functional and beautiful office. We’re very excited about this!

I know I’ve been pretty inconsistent with keeping up with the blog, but here’s the promise… I’ll start my summer job in 3 weeks and then I’ll be sitting behind a computer for 20 hours/week. Sure, I’ll have some “work” to do, but I’ll be able to sneak in a blog entry here and there as well. Ahh, to be able to sit down and type a blog entry uninterrupted. The things we take for granted. I, of course, have very mixed feelings about going back to work but I’m trying to stay upbeat and positive about it. It should be good for us and I know Margo will be in good hands (her Grammy’s!)

The other priority for the coming 3 weeks is to shift Margo’s sleeping. She’s going on 11 hours right now as I type, but we’ll be needing her to wake up about 2 hours earlier than she currently does. So, yay to getting some evening hours back too! We’re hoping to gradually shift her to an 7:30 or 8:00 bedtime, going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night. Unless anyone has any better ideas.

OH! And we just got Margo’s 3 month photos taken… can’t wait to share those once we receive the CD 🙂

How Margo changed our sense of humor…

Today was kind of a big day for us as parents. Not only did I get puked on (newborn puke is… well, not really that bad.), but Scott got pooped AND peed on! Well, it was during sponge bath time and the pee hit him and we managed to get the poo in the sink. It was just hilarious. I don’t presume this will be the last of our “hazing” as parents, but quite a few milestones all in one day. For us, Margo doesn’t necessarily know the difference. This week it has also become apparent that our sense of humor has been forever jaded by our sweet daughter. Though I know the poo in the sink probably seals the deal that we’ve lost it for most, here’s Exhibit B (which I’ll claim as the picture of the day for my Project 365ish):

That’s breastmilk dribbling out of her mouth, and she’s too zonked out to care. I doubt many readers will find this amusing, but that’s the point. To us right now, this is the height of comedy.

Our first week at home was quite eventful… and quite uneventful all at the same time, if that’s possible. We’re now totally in the nursing groove and doing really well with it. We’re getting into a routine with our cloth diapers, and also decided we need MORE so we don’t have to do diaper laundry every day. We’re having fun dressing Margo up in her cute little clothes and HAIR BOWS! We haven’t quite figured out sleeping at night, but I mean, she’s only 9 days old. We’re about where we expected. And I never knew how awesome 3 contiguous hours of sleep could feel! Margo’s PA grandparents visited for a few days, and her NC grandparents visited a few times… she’s such a lucky girl and she doesn’t even know it.

Hello, Hello

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas – I can’t believe tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! Last year I did a blog Christmas card to excuse myself from not sending a Christmas card, but this year I wasn’t even that creative! I’m so lame… sorry family and friends for not sending you all cards. 🙂

All I can say is… we’re ready for the little Monkey whenever. I don’t think our home has ever been in such ship shape. Which means “Come soon, baby” because… well, Scott and I are like masters of messing up a clean home. And we’re just excited and … ready. And not to get all ahead of myself, but tomorrow is a full moon and a blue moon and, well, we’re doing this for the First Baby of the New Year prize money and swag, so hopefully that all works out for us. (OMG, can you imagine if we won something like that? This blog would be used as proof of our Balloon Boy-type parenting goals. IT’S A JOKE, MEDIA)

I’m trying to stay busy… which is most certainly easier said than done. I’m totally loving The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and I don’t think it’s going to lead me to vegetarianism as much as eating more organically and healthfully, a change that’ll surely be welcome once the baby is out. But I do have to eat my stash of Kraft Mac & Cheese first… I’m learning a lot about the innerworkings of some industries I knew nothing about… corn, beef, organic farming. It’s a great book so far!

Hello (again) world!

I’m getting bored with blogger, I need 3 columns. Hello WordPress 🙂

A bulleted list of things that are going on…

I feel like I’ve been a bad blogger the past few days, so here’s the rundown:

  • School started. I’m reading a lot of boring stuff all the time now.
  • Tomorrow’s a big day here in NC! They’re calling for some snow, and if it materializes the forecast is for it to stay below freezing, so… it’ll stay! We might get a snow day for Inauguration!!
  • I finished Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and I hearted it… I’d read it a googloplex times.
  • We met w/ a realtor, we’re looking at houses Sunday. Hi, American Dream? Yeah, it’s us. Oh, and Economy? Thanks for screwing a bunch of homeowners to make it cheap for us! (thumbs up!)
  • Because of the prior bullet (and just our general attitudes), we keep the heat low, so it’s generally cold in our house. I have resurrected the big fat Irish sweater I got abroad back in the day and wear it pretty much every day. It’s about as flattering as it sounds, but sooo warm. I must say, if Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear showed up, I wouldn’t really be surprised. (Please don’t submit me…)
  • I’m back into running – working toward a definite maybe participation in the Raleigh Rocks 1/2 Marathon March 28th. I have donated the Nike+ to the Ashley Foundation (aka Sister) and am now rocking with my sweet Garmin Forerunner 350. GPS>Nike+. I’m also on board for the Philly Broad Street again (we got our tickets already), and I got a definite maybe (could have been just to shut me up) from Scott too.
  • Friday Night Lights is back! We’ve been catching up, rewatching the first and second seasons on Netflix online… it’s humorous to me because Scott has played it all like “That’s YOUR show, I’m not all that into it” and I was like “Oh… ok, well if you want to watch it we can… I thought you liked it”. BUT when the episode is over, who says “You wanna watch another one??” Oh yeah, that’s Scott. He’s back on the FNL train, woot woot!
  • Due to the low temp in the house, Smarty is extra cuddly.

That’s all I’ve got…

A letter to my president

Dear President Obama,

I’m writing to thank you today. To thank you for the tremendous campaign you ran which reached out to new voters, disenfranchised voters – anyone who would listen and open their minds to a new idea of what government should be. McCain’s campaign was as divisive as any campaign I’ve witnessed, and the brainpower Palin brought to the table seriously made me doubt whether I could handle living in America if it went the other way. Seriously.

But, I digress… it didn’t go their way. Praise the Lord – we won. Mr. President, thank you for running as the candidate for change, hope and embodying all that is good and pure in America and Americans. You brought out what is GOOD in us, instead of pandering to the lowest common denominator and playing to our fears and politics of division. I want you to know, I believe in you. I know you can do what you say you can do. And if the campaign is any indication of what you can pull off, we’re in for a great four years.

Here’s what I’m excited about: Having a smart president. You obviously are a bright guy, and you are even keeled and good natured. I attended three of your rallies in Raleigh and that much about your personality was obvious. I know this is going to rock! I’m proud to say I voted for you, and proud to say I shook your hand a year ago.

Good luck!


– – –

Have you guys watched the Will.I.Am video again since he won? If not, grab a tissue or two and watch this… it’s amazing. Oh, and NC is blue – the cookies worked! Yay!