2 more swimming workouts

I know I’ve said it already, but swimming rocks. It’s definitely the right exercise at the right time. I’m trying to go twice a week now, and have for the past 2 weeks, to keep my cardio workouts up to snuff. It’s quite honestly, more fun than the Arc Trainer and *shudder* the treadmill. And the freaking heat/humidity/misery of NC August makes running outside a thing of the past for the most part. I’m not keen on waking up super early or going right before bed (plus it storms like daily these days). Meh, it seems to be naturally happening, that swimming is replacing running as my primary cardio activity. I’m cool with that. I do need a new bathing suit though.

So here are the two workouts I did this week. If it’s not very obvious, I’m aiming to swim 2000 yards in each workout, which takes about 50-60 minutes depending on how much rest I take/need in between sets. I am having more fun than I thought I would thinking up exciting workouts… it’s funny how some of the types of sets that annoyed the crap out of me in HS and college are now creeping their way back into my mind and my workouts. I like to keep it interesting and I think having sets helps to break it all up and keep it interesting. I think I’d rather sit on the couch than just go and swim for 50 minutes. Bo-ring. The counting and the changing of strokes helps pass the time. It’s just enough to think about – I am focused on the activity at hand but able to let my mind wander to other more pressing things in my life.

Swimming workout 2
2000 Yards

200 warm up

8×125 (broken as follows: first 75 alternating between back or breaststroke, last 50 recovery freestyle. Rest 10 seconds in between the 75 and 50, 20 seconds between 125’s)

8×75 free (Fast 50 into a recovery 25)

200 warm down

Swimming Workout 3
2000 Yards

*this is my “boring” workout. 🙂

200 Warm Up

10×150 – straight free

300 Warm Down

Edited 9/8
(I’m just going to keep adding on to this post, bc I know swimming workouts aren’t all that interesting, but I need them all in one place:) )

Workout 4:
*involves little thinking.
200 w/u
500 swim (alternate 100 free, 100 back to help keep count, for all of the ’00 sets below)
50 easy
400 swim
50 easy
300 swim
50 easy
200 swim
50 easy
100 warm down

Workout 5:

200 warm up
1×400 (alt free and back each 100)
4×200 ( 125 swim, rest 10 sec, 25 butterfly kick, 50 recovery)
4×100 IM (I one-armed the butterfly)
200 Warm down

-Edit 9/22
Workout 6:
Total: 1950

200 Warm Up

Main set:
250 free
200 back
150 – 50 swim, 50 butterfly kick, 50 swim
100 free
50 recovery

Repeat, knocking off the largest leg each time (#2 is minus the 250, #3 minus the 200)

200 Warm Down

— 10/28 edit
Workout 7: (stolen from Masters swim team practice board) 🙂
300 swim/300 kick
200 pull
100 kick hard

Main set:
100 hard
100 easy
100 hard
2×50 pull
(all that x2)

200 warm down


250 warm up
Ideas on breaking up the 500’s:
25/50/75/100/100/75/50/25 (rest 10-15 sec in btwn)
Drill (combo of pull & kick w/ pull buoy and kick board)



Last night I went to the pool at Scott’s work for the first time. It was fun, I got all giddy and excited being back in the humid, chlorinated arena. I was smiling a lot, and people probably thought I was a little crazy. Swimming has been very touch and go for me since quitting in college, it’s always depressing bc I can’t help but think how we used to swim 4000 yards a day, 5 days a week or whatever. And then I swim like 1500 and I’m like, I’m old. And then the depression comes. But anyway, I’m trying to approach it differently now, like not think about what I’m doing in respect to what I used to do? Maybe it’s far enough in my past now it doesn’t seem like a good comparison.

So last night, I swam for about 15 min until they had to clear the pool for thunder. (sigh) I know the drill, but c’mon!

But I got my butt back there today, and I must say that today, I kicked ass at swimming. I felt great. I took breaks when I needed to keep from overdoing it. But I nailed it. I also created kind of a fun and interesting workout which I’m going to post so I can do it again sometime:

Swimming workout 1
Total: 2150 yds
250 yd warm up
10 x 100 – broken (swim 75, rest 10 sec swim 25, rest 20.) Here’s the crackhead part – I rotated btwn free, backstroke and breaststroke to keep it fun.
100 easy
300 kick (w/ a board)
6x 50 (with the first 25 sprint, and second 25 recovery.) I alternated back and free.
200 warm down

I can’t believe it – but I swam for about an hour. I truly had a blast too.