Smart Kitty

Okay, I felt a tad silly buying this shirt from Gymboree, even though it was on sale. Still seemed a tad frivolous, but seriously, it’s as if the Gymboree people have a bug in our home! One of our favorite nicknames for Miss Smarty is Smart Kitty! There are a few others she’s earned lately, but they’re all, um, curses.


This pic makes me laugh, a lot. Right now, Margo is way more into Smarty than Smarty is into Margo… this would be the time of a child’s life when a dog would be more in step with their interest. IDK, I’ve never had a dog, but most dogs we see are all about some interest from babies. Smarty is like “Um, no thanks. You’re loud & wave your arms.” Not sure what sort of planets aligned for me to snap this photo!


Best Friends

February 12, 2010

This might just be one of those pictures worth a thousand words, so I won’t complicate it with any captioning.

Baths, Hair and Cats…And (obv) Margo!

Here’s Margo yesterday. Yesterday was bath day, and let me tell you, this child actually kind of needs her hair to be washed daily. It gets so greasy, by the third day you can literally spike it. And yesterday, we made the mistake of nursing RIGHT after we were done bathing, so the one side got all matted and STILL won’t lay right. See below:

All day I was spitting on my hands and trying to smooth it down. We have many years of hair care ahead of us. This is also a classic Margo face, brow furrowed and chin all bunched up.  I do love her hair though! But does anyone know of any salons that give first haircuts to 4 month olds?? Oh, and re: baths… she loves them. Even the sponge baths we have to give her now bc her belly button thinger is still on. She especially loves the hair washing!

We’re enjoying Scott’s last work-day off for parternity leave. We’re so lucky he got two weeks, and quite honestly, the days have just flown by. We’ve managed to make a few outings, and it’s been way more fun to go to Target than it ever was before. Margo has handled it beautifully – literally not one peep. I’m a little nervous and sad that on Monday I have to do it by myself, but I think we’re also to the point where I semi-know what’s going on and can handle it. Not saying I won’t cry when he leaves for work, though! I shouldn’t complain, I know most families don’t get as much leave as we did. It just seems like any amount isn’t “enough.”

Oh, and you might be wondering about Smarty. She’s generally curious (like, well, a cat) but I really think if she had to sum up her feelings about Margo it would be: “unimpressive”.  She definitely gets that something’s up, and she sees/hears the baby but only under our supervision. We close the door to our bedroom at night, and I’m not sure she’d even want to sleep with us anymore anyway, with us having to wake up every few hours and the sporadically crying baby. Anytime Margo is in her swing, Boppy or carseat, Smarty will come up and kind of sniff at her, maybe stare for a little and then move on. She doesn’t see what all the fuss is about, and certainly doesn’t see why this thing gets its own room?? It’s humorous, but we’re also quite relieved that there’s been minimal acting out and scary behavior on Smarty’s part. To be continued once Margo gains awareness. fine motor skills and eyesight beyond 18 inches…

Oh, and it’s going to snow tomorrow! Instead of the usual bah-humbug attitude I take towards NC snow, I’m jumping on board since we didn’t have anything to do anyway. But that’s the ONLY reason, and don’t expect this attitude from me again. I fully intend to whine and boo-hiss at the forecast next time! But something about being snowed in with Margo makes it seem like more fun. (Just, please, let’s not lose power, m’kay Progress Energy? Kthxbye)


So, I’m trying to relax and enjoy this time. SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE. But thank you all for the advice 😉

Today, I got my toes done with my Mom! It was so nice & relaxing… and I love that I’ll have adorable toesies for the delivery. Even if they’re covered in socks. And since it’s like 15 degrees here, they’ll probably be covered in socks most of the time anyway. But *I’ll* know. Thanks Grammy!

January 5, 2010’s Picture…

Gosh, isn’t Smarty adorable, curled up so cute on the edge of the bed? Probably bc it’s so cold 🙂 I’m reading the next Michael Pollan book, In Defense of Food, though I’ll be honest, it’s not quite as compelling as Omnivore’s Dilemma was.

Now we’re on YouTubes

So, this Christmas Scott and I were all romantic and didn’t really do presents traditionally. We bought a Flip Video camera, and here’s our first project.

It’s of crazy old Smarty, who has all of the sudden taken a keen interest in her water bowl. Bear in mind, we’ve had this water bowl since this summer and it’s been all good. Now apparently it’s turned into a toy, creating puddles. And perhaps fun for her? Hard to tell.

Anyway, we created a YouTube “channel” for all the other fun videos we’ll be making in the months to come. Contrary to what my husband might have told you, there will not be a birth video, that was a joke.

3 pictures + 3 stories

A Tale of Lots of Yardwork
This weekend we did lots of yardwork. We’re both very sore. This is all of our yardwaste bags. Scott decided to declare war on the ivy… which, if you’ve seen our yard, is a pretty insane declaration. But he fought hard and is prepared to do so for many, many months to come. It’s on, Ivy.

I’m wearing maternity pants, and I may never take them off. 🙂 Special thanks to Kathleen, Megan and Heather for the donations/loaners. I’m pretty stylin’… and also very comfortable. A related thought: All pants could benefit from a stretchy panel. I’m serious. (This pic is a 15 week’er)

If you were wondering why there’s cat hair in your Peaches…

We just learned Smarty loves peaches, like catnip style! I went to the Farmers’ Market this weekend, a new hobby I think. And look at all the fabulous stuff I got! And Smarty was doing a little photo shoot for me, begging to have her pic taken.

We have Interwebs at the new house!

Woohoo! 🙂 And all of our stuff…

So, Smarty is slowly adjusting to live in the new house…one that is substantially larger, with creaky steps and hardwood floors (not nearly as comfy as carpet!) The first day and a half she was hiding and when we’d pick her up to show her her new palace she was *shaking*… very weird. Unlike any behavior we’ve ever seen from her. At one point on moving day she was totally MIA for like 3 hours, turned out she was head first INSIDE the fireplace. She had soot on her little white chin 😦 Her new hiding place is a little safer & I assume quieter – in our closet (CARPET!) under our clothes.

(hopefully this image shows up… it’s from my iphone and I’ve been working on figuring out how to use those images in blogposts…)

But, as this picture shows, she’s slowly getting bolder and more curious… last night I was here alone and putting away our clothes and stuff and she kept kind of wandering in and out of the room…still very uneasy and freaking out at the smallest sound but at least not cowering in the closet! Progress!

This house is definitely *louder*… something that must be very different for Smarty. The creaky stairs cannot be understated…they’re quite loud, and there aren’t really ways to ascend or descend without sounding like an elephant. We hear this might be a challenge once there’s a baby to wake up. Because, he/she WILL be woken up with these steps.

Another long day of unpacking ahead of us… I have to somehow fit schoolwork in today as well (something I’ve neglected for 2 days now…) I also have the goal of making dinner in the new kitchen tonight. Woohoo!