This is me:

I’m pouty & grumpy because I’m forcing myself to take the weekend off from P90X. I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about it, but I’ve complained about it on my various social media outlets and in person, for those of you lucky enough to hear my whine in person ;).  My back is a mess, and not to “blame” anyone, but it’s totally due to pregnancy and subsequent demands of motherhood (nursing, holding a 16 lb 4 month old while trying to do housework, etc). I started seeing a Physical Therapist last month and was doing totally better on Tuesday… so good that she didn’t schedule another appt and released me. However, the day after, the other side of my back started with the stabbing pain and I had to quit my workout in the middle. I feel so crappy about it, I’m so motivated and really enjoying P90X and I hate feeling like I’m slacking and that the slacking would eventually lead to quitting. I WILL get back on, but I really need to jump off the intensity bandwagon for a few days and apply some heat and rest in hopes I can nurse myself back to health. I had a really good experience w/ the PT, however I would love to not have to sacrifice that time on my days off!

It’s funny though, it’s the same feeling I would get when I was swimming or playing field hockey when you get injured. Nothing renews your desire to play like an injury. And I spent the night last night being miserable and whiny (Sorry, Scott) and intend to play it cool for the rest of the weekend if at all possible. And hope to hit P90X with renewed intensity Monday. Err, I might skip Chest & Back, cause it sucked.


Don’t touch the hair

I’m thinking Uncle Jesse in Full House on that one.

We seem to have reached a particularly unruly time in Margo’s hair life. This is what it does EVERY morning.

And here’s a cute waking up pic, also illustrative of the hair issue:

After dunking a baby hairbrush in water and combing through it we’re usually able to get it straightened out. But I just had to share what the hair looks like au naturale.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Well, this was my first OFFICIAL Mothers’ Day as a mommy. Though last year I was pregnant, it still didn’t really *feel* like I earned it. I woke up to a nice little gift from Scott – a garnet and diamond ring. I love it, and my right hand looks so fancy now! 🙂

We had my parents and sister + husband over for brunch which was a blast (til the pollen showed up, but I won’t ruin this post with that mess.) Scott, inspired by too much Top Chef watching decided to make a brunch for us, and oh what a brunch it was. Salmon Croquettes, Green Eggs and Ham, Potatoes, cinnamon buns and fruit. Oh, & mimosas, obvs. It was a lot of fun, I must say 🙂

Margo isn’t so much on the “gift giving” for Mothers’ Day just yet. For instance, instead of a cute little craft or something, she spit up on me 3 times. Like 3 knock out spit ups that necessitate a shirt change. Thanks, baby! See pic below for spit up example. 🙂

We also skyped with my grandparents, and Margo got to spend some quality Exersaucer time! Squeals abounded, here’s a pic mid-squeal.

It’s been a very relaxing afternoon and I feel so lucky to be a mom, with such a great mom of my own. And lucky to be able to spend the day with my family and relax. (Would be luckier if this pollen would go away, but, hey, ya can’t have it all.)

This just in: She Rolls

We were surprised this Saturday that Margo rolled from her tummy to back!! And, very coincidentally, I have pictures. No video yet, but I was trying to capture cuteness right when she surprised us (and, I think, herself) by rolling over.

Tada! Scott and I talked ourselves into thinking it was a fluke, though she did do it again yesterday so we’re willing to say she rolls now! 🙂

Things Margo is good at: Being Cute, Sleeping and Bathing. Talented Kid.

Here’s Margo yesterday in her little numbers swaddle thinger. It’s adorable, and its special purpose is when she gets “something” on her sleeping onesie and we’re not quite ready to bathe her. She was looking particularly cute, so we had an impromptu photo session. 🙂 She’s at her cutest in the morning… she’s been sleeping 7ish hours consistently for the past week or 2, sometimes up to 8 hours (I know, I know, no hatin’!), and one of my favorite moments of the day is when I go to the bassinet and peel her out of her swaddleme and she gives me a huge grin like “YESSS! It’s time to wake up!!! And EAT!”

Tub baths! The world of fun baths has officially opened up to us! Her belly button fell off at SEVEN WEEKS. The books say it’ll fall off “in the first week or two.” We were seriously doubting our parenting abilities, fearing a lecture at her 2 month pediatrician visit and/or fearing her growing stomach would just envelop it completely,but… we finally got it off! Now we can use the cute little basin to get her clean. She was really confused at first (“Uh, where’s my sponge bath? This isn’t how we do it, Mom.”) but I think she’s getting to like it. She does get to stare at herself the whole time… Sidenote: I love how this picture captures her bald spot as well. 🙂


Guess what happens in one week? I get cleared to exercise! Not that I haven’t been trying to push the limits a little in the past week and a half, but then I’ll actually get to run! I’m pretty pumped about this, especially since Spring has been giving us little sneak previews. Today, Margo and I went for a good 3 mile walk in the 60 degree weather. It’s been a long and cold winter in NC (though I know not as bad as back home in PA…) So, I get to start enjoying the weather and running – score! It feels like things are kind of all on the up and up… I’m feeling good, Margo of course is doing well, the weather is getting better… I’m even making dinner tonight!

I recently bit the bullet and bought the infant carseat adapter for my BOB Revolution stroller… it was hard to justify spending more money on the already pricey stroller, however it feels like we’ve already used it a ton and made it worth it. You can’t run with it, but it makes walking a lot easier than using the Graco stroller I have.  I love the BOB, and can’t wait for Margo’s neck strength to get there so we can run together! My mom got it for us through work for free, so no money was technically exchanged in our obtaining this stroller. BUT, I’d totally pay the nearly $400 for it. It’s an amazing piece of machinery 🙂

I’m not sure how to embed a youtube video, but here’s a link to some playmat time. I tried to keep it fairly short (only a minute… we could easily take like 8 or 9 min of the range of noises and faces…). You get to see a little laugh/coo thing at the end!! And a sneeze!

And because Margo’s outfit is too cute, here’s what she wore today. Well, for some of the day. Baby jeans are cute but pretty impractical. Who knew??

A Letter to Margo, on her 1 Month Birthday

My baby is 1 month old today! I’m hoping to write Margo a letter every month on the 16th… not committing to a lifetime of this but maybe a year or so? I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say month to month, just finding the time to type it was the challenge this month!

Dear Margo,

Happy One Month Birthday! We can hardly believe you’ve been here a month already. I won’t say something cheesy like we can’t even remember life without you, because it’s not true, but you do have a way of making us not care about much else.

So, Mommy and Daddy have been doing lots of reading, trying to figure you out and learn how to be better parents. One book I was reading described different types of babies, which I initially scoffed at. My baby is special and can’t be labeled! But… then I read the descriptions and, Margo baby, you are a “Spirited Child”. Everything you do – eat, sleep, poop, play…breathe – is done with vigor and usually accompanying sounds. Just a few hours ago I was attempting to fall asleep after nursing you and your chorus of grunts, snorts, squeals and dramatic sighs made that very difficult. (All of that was with your eyes closed and, presumably, in your sleep.) I used to think it’d be hard to take you from the bassinet and move you to your crib but now, I don’t think that’ll be too hard. You’re loud, girlfriend!

There’s not much to do sometimes when you’re spending your days with a newborn. I inevitably get to reading these actions and assigning them to personality traits you’ll have someday when you’ve grown up, or even when you’re just a cute little kid. This spirited, independent personality is becoming more apparent everyday – now when I bring you back downstairs from changing your diaper, you hold your head high and arch your back, as if to say, “Look, I can do it myself.”

When we play on the activity mat together, I try to encourage you to lay on your tummy for a few minutes of Tummy Time. You hate this, and I already feel like we’re having a Mother/Daughter fight. It goes like this:

Margo: “I can’t do this! I hate it!”
Mommy: “Yes you can! I know you can.”
Margo: “No, I want to look at the toys and ceiling fan. I hate this.”
Mommy: “No, you’re doing it!  You’re lifting your head. Why are you crying, you’re doing it!”
Margo: “Oh, but I still hate it and refuse to stop crying.”

But guess what, Monkey? I’m in charge and you DO have to do it. Oh, what fun we’re going to have.

The biggest stride you’ve made this month, and certainly the one that’s made me and your Dad the most happy is smiling. It’s truly the greatest gift you’ve given us (well, since your birth). It’s still pretty elusive and we have to work really hard making fools of ourselves to draw it out, but it’s there and we’re sure it’s a “real” smile. And heaven help the person who tells me it’s just gas! (Oh, and not to embarrass you publicly on the internet or anything, but you do have a lot of gas.)

So, we’ve decided you’re awesome and can’t wait to see if our assumptions about your little personality turn out to be true. We’re tired and worn out, but we’re having the time of our lives getting to know you and figuring you out. You’re an amazing baby, and surely will become an amazing little girl.