6 Month Letter (3 Days Late)

Dear Margo,

I can’t believe we’re now officially in the second half of your first year! You’ve now had a half-birthday, something it seems like only my family really notices. But lucky you, you’re in my family so observe away!

Everyday seems like more fun than the day before right now. I hope I look back and remember how FUN you are right now. You sit so well & you’re so interactive. And (this is the best part), you don’t go anywhere!  You’re still pretty generous with your smiles & giggles, though if you get in a tired mood you are what we call Stone Cold Margo. No smiles for anyone, just a surly down-turned mouth. But even that’s cute.  With your sturdy sitting, you’re exploring your boundaries in reaching and grabbing objects. Oh, and just this week you stepped up your raspberry game. Now it involves a lot more slobber and sound. It’s really funny, especially since you seem to have a knack for timing. This morning you were laying on your back and I said to you “Oh, you’re such a beautiful little girl.” Your response: “Phhhhtt.” I died.  Your sleep is still awesome, a solid 11 hours at night and a 1.5 hour nap in the morning and in the afternoon, give or take a half hour. And we think you might have started waving hi this week as well. It’s more like a Nazi hile, but it comes across like a casual “Wassup.”

You’re still a larger than average child, and we’ve crossed over the threshold where we now get more comments on your thighs than your hair. I guess seeing a 6 month old with this much hair is no longer odd, but those thighs are dimpled, broad and a sight to behold.  And since you’re hot all the time (and it’s hot outside all the time), they’re pretty exposed. I love them, truly I do. And I honestly think it’s the reason you were such an early sitter – you’ve got a broad base (haha). I wouldn’t trade your rolls for anything (though people love to comfort me that it’ll all go away when you start crawling). You’re just the cutest, roly-poly-est child and I could just eat you up. Another huge milestone this month was beginning solids. We were aiming to reach the 6 month mark, but you had other ideas. Incessant fixation on food isn’t a specified criteria for when to begin solids, but somehow (maybe parental intuition?) we just knew you were ready. And so far, you seem to be enjoying it. You haven’t yet rejected anything & are on board with rice cereal, sweet potatoes and bananas! One can only hope you remain a non-picky eater your whole life. Of course, we’re still primarily breastfeeding you (er, *I* am) and intend to do that for your first year. So far so good! You love it, and it’s not so bad for me either.

We just got back from a week-long trip back home Pennsylvania where you got to spend some quality time with your McQuiggan grandparents. We are just continually impressed with how unruffled you are in new situations. Besides the thighs comments, I’d say this is the other thing we hear from others the most, how calm and easy going you are. I wish we could take credit for this, and I hope you remain this way too. It’s an excellent quality to have!
Happy 6 months baby girl! We love you more than you can imagine.



April Photo Shoot

So, we got some pictures taken of Margo with Nicole Faby, the same photographer who snapped our newborn pics. These were great pictures, I’m just in love with them. I’m hard pressed to choose a favorite. In fact, I spent way too long in front of the computers in Wolf Camera this weekend trying to decide which ones to get printed up to hang in our house and for me to frame for my desk at work.

If you’re not my friend on Facebook, you *should* be able to view this album. If not, let me know (talking to you, Nana & Pop Pop!) I’m also uploading a bunch to Flickr, which you can see in the window over there —->

2 Months Old!

Dear Margo,
Today is your Great-Nanny’s 70th birthday! Aside from that, it’s also your 2-month birthday and oh what a month it’s been since your 1 month letter.

Our conversations have become much more interesting. I love all of the little sounds you make, and I’m constantly trying to capture them and it makes me kind of sad that it’s impossible to record you the way you are now on the Flip Video camera. I just don’t want to forget how you lay there gazing up at me with a little smile and open your mouth like you’re about to say something. You have your eyebrows raised and sometimes your index finger up like you’ve just thought of something really brilliant and helpful to contribute to the conversation. Then I say “What, what is it?” and you say “Booowww.” or “Moog.” And then there’s squeals of delight like we’re just two best friends yucking it up. It’s just the cutest thing I could never have imagined I’d be doing on a Thursday afternoon. Overall you are a very vocal child so far, which we’re assuming will mean you’ll be a talkative kid. We just need to get you to learn a few words!

We’ve given you a few nicknames this month… let’s see. I call you Chicken Butt, Monkey Butt, and Buddy.   Also Silly Billy has come into the mix.  And Beautiful Girl. That one is because you’ve morphed this month, in my opinion, from a cute squinty eyed newborn that kind of looks like many other newborns to a beautiful baby girl. I can see more of what I think you’ll look like some day and I just know you’re going to be a heart breaker.

Let’s see, since this is kind of your baby book, let’s talk milestones. You can now raise your head during tummy time without breaking a sweat. You’re quite good at it, and it’s quite adorable. And you’re not nearly as cheeky about doing it as you were last month. You sleep for an average of 7.5 hours a night, though 9 hours was our longest (it was GLORIOUS.) Your belly button “thinger” fell off at 7 weeks (a milestone the books say should occur in the first week or two. We were quite ready.) This lead to your first tub bath which you didn’t quite “get” at first but now it seems like you’re enjoying it! You smile socially all over the place and chat with me a lot.

You like it when we sing to you. Sometimes we sing “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas prior to putting you to bed… now it feels like superstition that we must serenade you that “Tonight’s gonna be a good, good night.” And we love singing this song your Dad liked in college that goes “She only likes me when I’m high.” Slightly inappropriate, yes. Don’t worry we tweak the lyrics to say “She only likes to be up high.” I sing it when you fuss bc I’m not holding you. It’s adorable, and I’ve got a feeling (woohooo) that we’ll keep that song around cause it’s easy to sing and your parents? Not so much with the singing skills.

You’re growing so fast, and I know every mother says that, but you’re growing especially fast. Your dad and I recently discussed how the average weight of a 7 week old cited in our book is 9 and 3/4 pounds. Well, dear child, you weighed 10 lb and 9 oz at your 4 week check up and clocked a 12 lb and 3.5 oz today at the doctor’s office. So yeah, you’re a bit above average, but we love it. And it’s not a bad thing! You love eating!  But every time we’re out and about or at the pediatricians’ office other mothers with older children will comment “She’s so tiny!” and “I can’t believe my child was ever that small.” I laughed last month, but this month I get it. I get that sentiment. While you’re not too far from your birth size, you’ve somehow packed on 5 pounds and I just can’t see where. I can’t imagine you smaller… seeing you grow is so exciting but also bittersweet that you’ll never be that small again.

Time is truly flying now, something I feel like I said before you were born but would like to take back. THIS is what time flying feels like – I’ve never experienced a quicker 2 month stretch than the 2 months you’ve been alive. Your dad and I have been over the moon happy, frustrated, tired but most of the time, totally enamored with you and fascinated with your every grunt, coo, fart and eyebrow raise. It’s been the quickest and most beautiful 2 months of my life, and I’m sure that will only continue as you grow, dear Margo!


Things Margo is good at: Being Cute, Sleeping and Bathing. Talented Kid.

Here’s Margo yesterday in her little numbers swaddle thinger. It’s adorable, and its special purpose is when she gets “something” on her sleeping onesie and we’re not quite ready to bathe her. She was looking particularly cute, so we had an impromptu photo session. 🙂 She’s at her cutest in the morning… she’s been sleeping 7ish hours consistently for the past week or 2, sometimes up to 8 hours (I know, I know, no hatin’!), and one of my favorite moments of the day is when I go to the bassinet and peel her out of her swaddleme and she gives me a huge grin like “YESSS! It’s time to wake up!!! And EAT!”

Tub baths! The world of fun baths has officially opened up to us! Her belly button fell off at SEVEN WEEKS. The books say it’ll fall off “in the first week or two.” We were seriously doubting our parenting abilities, fearing a lecture at her 2 month pediatrician visit and/or fearing her growing stomach would just envelop it completely,but… we finally got it off! Now we can use the cute little basin to get her clean. She was really confused at first (“Uh, where’s my sponge bath? This isn’t how we do it, Mom.”) but I think she’s getting to like it. She does get to stare at herself the whole time… Sidenote: I love how this picture captures her bald spot as well. 🙂


So, I didn’t even think about resolutions until today… oh well. I’m not a huge fan of them because, well, who can even remember what they resolved the year before? I feel like I had a pretty good year in 2009, so I won’t worry about it 😉 But there is one that has to do w/ the blog and general documentation of life, so I thought it apropos to share here.

My friend Jenny is doing this ambitious and awesome Project 365, where she’s taking and sharing a photo everyday for a year. This is how lame I am… I want to do it but can’t “commit”, so I’m just going to do my version: Project 365ish. Or, with a less cute name “Try to post more often and more pics to the blog”. I’m sure with an adorable babe this should not be a challenge, however I’m not putting myself out there. 🙂 There, that’s a luke-warm resolution for ya! But honestly, one of the things I think is cool about the project is that it forces me to kind of document some of the funny things that happen in words and pictures. And with the iphone handy-cam, hopefully I’ll have lots to share.

January 1, 2010: This picture says it all.

We got to ring in the new year sick and… well, kinda whiny. Both of us. Wooooohoo. The Tums (need I say it) were for me. This child is going to have a full head of hair, if those old wives know what they’re talking about at all.

And here’s January 3, 2010 (see… 365ish)

39 weeks and 2 days pregnant… The consensus here is that I am looking larger than the last pic I posted, but who knows. And for those interested, the doctor last week said I’m 1 cm dilated and 20% effaced… though she followed it up quickly w/ “That really doesn’t mean anything.” That will not stop me from eating spicy food and doing laps around Crabtree Mall though (it’s in the 20’s and 30’s here, yo)! And those things are mainly just bc I miss food with flavor (heartburn has relegated me to a diet consisting of mac and cheese and grilled cheese…) and I get antsy so I like to move around. But I’m not ruling either of those actions out as a possible way to get things moving!

Ok, now they’re all up :)

On Flickr
Feedback on decorating/painting/remodeling is truly welcome! 🙂

Full set of house pics!

So yesterday we had our home inspection! It was nice to spend some quality time in the new house, and “get to know” it 🙂 I took a buttload of pictures, and I uploaded a few before the flickr uploader crapped out on me this morning. I intend to do the rest tonight.

So, interweb, take a look at these pics. They have captions and I’d love feedback on any type of suggestions you might have. Other than “Your house looks like a barn”… that’s just not productive. 🙂

Picture Time (Check back this weekend for the full 113 picture set – right now it’s just landscaping.)

And also…
Scott and I are also having an back and forth that goes like this:

J: “I think we should use mulch on the landscaping”
S: “OMG, you’re so dumb. We should use pinestraw.”
J: “OMG, YOU’RE the dumb one. Pinestraw is for losers.”
(ETC… on and on into infinity.)

Thoughts are welcome on this topic too. Likely we’ll just agree to disagree and let the yard fall into disarray. And then the ‘hood will petition for our removal. (Sigh.)