A list of all the stuff we found in the bonus room

…mainly in the stuff Scott’s parents brought for us to go through. Though we do have an entire chest left to go through… another time. I know for a fact there’s a Kids Sports Illustrated w/ Andre Agassi on the cover in there.

  1. 3 Starting Lineup figures in the box. 2 Cal Ripkens (worth some serious money, but apparently he’s pulling a 40-year old virgin and wants to keep them.) and a Scottie Pippen. Worth $20. Will sell that one…but that’s chump change compared to Ripken.
  2. A buttload of trophies. Including a Third Place plaque for “Computer Problem Solving”. It’s going beside my Third Place trophy for age 26-30 women in the Myrtle Beach 5k. Booya, nobody beats us! Except for 1st and 2nd.
  3. Scott’s elementary school writings. I particularly liked “Eagles vs Colts”, which was dedicated to his uncle for “getting the tickets.” It was a suspenseful, true story of the Eagles losing to the Colts. “We were so mad,” Scott says. “And then they drove home and slept on the way.” Another great one was “Dodgers vs Yankees”, which was dedicated to the Dodgers. The dedications were the best part, another one was dedicated to “Kelly and Seven.” Yes, Seven. (Sorry Steve, we figured you were just a baby so you probably didn’t realize anyway.)
  4. Right after we found a dead silverfish, we found a wrapped up bundle of sheep’s wool in a “PA Agriculture Education” folder. Awesome.
  5. An itemized list of all the baseball cards he owned and their value. I guess he thought a good place to store such valuable items was beside some gross sheep’s wool? The other cool thing about the list was that it was printed on that old computer paper that stayed connected. It did have the holes ripped off though 🙂
  6. A magic trick involving a disappearing coin. Very magical!
  7. Jamie had a suitcase containing the following items: Wedding dress, photos, and teddy bears… Surprise!
  8. We have a glow in the dark baseball (in a case) that is signed by…. some Harrisburg Senator. Yeah…. I snuck that one into the trash.
  9. A kush ball! Smarty was confused about this one… she kept playing with it but then got annoyed because one of the nodes was always poking her in the eye. It was quite humorous.
  10. Lisa Frank stickers. *hangs head*

We spent a good chunk of the weekend in there… yesterday I had a major cold issue. I hesitate to say it was anything serious or contagious just because I’ve been sick (sinusy… super fun stuff) for a few weeks off and on which is probably pregnancy related. But, nonetheless, it was unpleasant and put me out of commission for most of the day. And today Scott wasn’t feeling so hot so I was on bonus room duty. Somehow, we finished most of it, just a few more things he has to do – like move some big/heavy things up or down and pound some nails into the wall. I’m not “authorized” to do that.

Personal achievement: I managed to consolidate all of my books to ONE bookshelf. I think I’m truly transitioning from a book owner/hoarder to a community book user. I now love the Wake County Library system and combined with the NC State lib I’m able to get much of what I want when I want it. I have about 2 dozen books to list on paperbackswap in the next few days so hopefully I’ll get them out of here and get some fun new books. PBS is like library-lite. I really do love not wasting money purchasing books… when I was a big buyer I’d buy so many I ended up not really liking or wanting to even read in the first place. I’m really bad with impulse book buys… now if it’s an impulse I just take it back in 2 weeks! What took me so long to get on board w/ this!?


Who is 28 weeks pregnant (already)?

Me… omg.

Into the 3rd trimester – wow that sounds scary. We have exciting times ahead… going home next weekend! Time flies, anyone can tell you this. But when you find out you’re pregnant the first week in May, January 8th sounds a world a way. And depending on my mood, sometimes it still does. Maybe because it’s in 2010 it adds to the far-away-ness of it. But dude, it’s 3ish months away. That is all. And they’re starting to put Christmas stuff in stores and all I know is Christmas = almost there.

We’re making progress though… we painted the nursery and Scott put the furniture together…

And this weekend, we’re tackling the bonus room. This is the room that since we moved in 6 months ago has been the go-to… “oh, just throw it in the bonus room.” It’s shameful, we still have (shudder) unpacked boxes. I’ve been pretty awesome at acquiring random baby things from all of the fabulous consignment sales Raleigh has. Things like an Exersaucer for $10, and a Bumbo for $12 (thanks Heather!). Which is all fabulous, but they live in a big pile in the bonus room. And I haven’t even had my showers yet. So that’s the benchmark: let’s clear that out before we get ANYTHING ELSE.

It’ll probably be last in line for our home renovations, as it makes a fantastic playroom. It’s one of those things – it has very excellent carpet that is just not old enough for us to get rid of. BUT… it’s plaid. It’s not terrible (not like the bathroom wallpaper terrible) so we think we can live with it for a few years. And maybe it’s actually good bc then we can just say – Ok Kids, don’t worry if you mess up the carpet. 🙂 And someday when the kids are older we can make the bonus room into a sweet movie theater (Scott’s dream…not mine. Oh well, he just painted a room pink, I’ll let him have it for now.)

New House

My GOD, I wish it still looked like that.

What’s that you say?

… the nursery fan HAS a dimmer???

OMG, I wish I was joking. Yesterday, when I was going to turn off the fan, I inadvertently held the button in too long. My jaw drops as the light, instead of going off, grows dimmer. Whhhhaaaa?

If you haven’t visited our house, or have forgotten this teeny part of the one teeny room, here’s what the super space-age light switch looks like:

We usually point it out when giving home tours… and I swear, each time we find a new function. The seemingly silly part is the up/down thinger you see is for the fan speed. And all the buttons along the left side are for the fan speed. Only by holding the big button in do you get the dimming function. It’s the weirdest thing ever, and we’ve been living here for almost 5 months and just yesterday discovered this.

This is the mixed blessing of a new home that’s actually quite old: we have a dimmer, woohoo. But it’s a lame switch so is it even useful? If we accidentally turn the light on FULL BLAST and wake the baby, does that defeat the purpose? These are weighty questions… and I’m not allowed to have enough coffee to really think about them so early.

So What, I’m Still a Rock Star/I wanna start a fight

Sometimes I feel like this is my theme song. When I’m running, though I’m sure Scott would refer you to the “Na-na-na-na I wanna start a fight” part. Since he told me “I know you’re all pregnant or *whatever*”. I’ll get to that part 🙂

First off, this song by Pink always jazzes me up so much when I’m running. Especially now that I’m knocked up and running all slow and feeling like each run could be my last. It’s empowering, bc it says “I’m still a rock star.” That’s just the sort of thing I want to hear when I’m running, motivational and simultaneously a tad cocky. And while I know it’s not like a SUPER mega rock star, running 2 miles at 22 weeks is way more than I ever thought I could or would want to do. And whatever, if I want to be a little cocky about that, I will. Cause I’m a rock star. And I don’t neeeed you…

So, oh yeah, the “I wanna start a fight” part. It’s not a serious marital spat or anything, just a point of disagreement we had yesterday concerning the nursery fan. You might recall, there is a fan in EVERY ROOM of our house. Which is great, energy saving wise. I’m okay with the FAN part. I’m not saying blindly rip down all the fans (a la Trading Spaces, circa 2000). But, they annoy me because they have lights on them. And look like this:
I crouched down to where I estimate the crib mattress will be, so I’m doing an impression of a baby. And I’d just hate for our child’s first words to be “Ooooh, my EYES! Turn off the damn light.” Cause we have the same light over our own bed and those are my last word every night :). And I was trying to get my point across yesterday when I was told I was “all pregnant or *whatever*” and might have said it’d make the child blind. I mean, I’m no opthomologist, but that is some bright light action that can’t be good for the newborn retina. Or cornea… whatever.

In all seriousness, my point is it’s TOO BRIGHT and the way the light shines down is just not nice. At all. I originally wanted to just take off the light part and put a cap overtop, keeping the fan. Now I kind of want a new fan, one that has a light that looks like this:

(and for those of you who might live in PA where all the ceilings are gloriously smooth, this is what popcorn ceilings look like. You can contrast it to the smooth beauty underneath the scary ceiling fan.)

So, that’s my point. And I’m not saying it’s a NECESSITY, but a dimmer would also help a lot.

If anyone is so brave as to weigh in, I’d love some internet opinions. “We’re all gonna get in a FIGHT!!!”

Before/After of Master Bath

Well, the new paint is certainly working out well for us, we’re loving it. I threw in 3 “befores” just in case the heinousness of the wallpaper had been forgotten. I haven’t forgotten, but you know.

After! We decided to leave the brass hardware, with the hopes to doing a double sink (and probably a new vanity bc theres no room for the second sink w/ the drawers, etc), miror and cooler faucets. We spraypainted the fug brass & glass light fixtures black. Also, we did white light switch covers & outlet covers and put in brushed nickel doorknobs.

So, like it?

Thoughts on the Master Bath

So, more or less, the master bath project is done. It was a long weekend goal to finish it, and, well, we got it done by Wednesday. It just kept going and going. So, the moral of this is I haven’t yet done a good thorough cleaning of the bathroom, and once I do that this weekend I’ll post some pictures. Taking down wallpaper is perhaps the messiest thing I’ve ever been part of – no matter how dilligent you try to be with picking up as you go, there are little bits of paper stuck everywhere.

Anyway, we’re VERY proud of how it turned out!

During all of the wallpaper removal, we came to refer to the previous owner as Effing Brian. Because we get the feeling that Effing Brian liked to do a lot of stuff in the house himself, and let me tell ya, it was painfully obvious EB did the wallpaper himself. And didn’t do it right, at that. It was hard work taking it all down, but it did make it a little better to curse his name and blame it on someone who wasn’t there to defend himself. Stupid Brian.

Wanna hear some other wierdness from Effing Brian? During the walk through, we noticed one of the upstairs bedrooms had the doorknob on backwards, like with the lock on the outside. Uhhhh, Veird. And, along those same lines, EVERY door has a locking knob in the house, INCLUDING the pantry & coat closet. Seriously? The pantry? That’s all I can think of actually right now. Scott also says he liked to strip out screws. God, hate that Brian.

Hey Master Bath…

Enjoy your last day w/ wallpaper, bc after this weekend, it’ll be GONE! 🙂 That is what we’ll be doing this weekend, taking down this monstrosity. Wish us luck…

And though I don’t know if it’s fair, I think this wallpaper is making me hate the entire concept of wallpaper… And I’ve only spent about an hour taking down a small portion of this bathroom already.