So, how hard core are we? We decide that, you know what? Having me go from being home with Margo all day every day to working 20 hours/week isn’t really *that* big of a deal, we need to start a home fitness routine. And, oh no,not just “a home fitness routine”… the most butt kicking one ever. We kind of hatched the plan this weekend and within 24 hours got a box set from someone on craigslist.

Why? Well… we need to get in shape. Thinking realistically about NC summers and my motivation/sticktoitiveness with running I just know it’s not going to be an option that results in success. And it’s hard for Scott to get his butt out the door for the gym after working all day and miss out on time with his *lovely* wife. So, now that Margo is going to bed at 7:00, we thought, hey! We could do this every night after she sacks out. The first two nights have worked out well! And it’s been a fun and challenging workout. It’s way more fun than I thought it’d be. It’s not repetitive, which makes all the difference in the world. We’re both whiny and sore after two days, but I think we’re enjoying it!

Hopefully in 90 days I’ll post a picture of us looking all buff and hot. 😉


2009 in Review

I know it’s not technically over yet (heck, we could even have a baby picture this year…), but I just love looking back over the pictures of the year so here are a few favorite memory-inducing pictures. It’s kind of fun because it’s our last childless year… next year all of our memories will involve Quiglet.

In January, I met Bill Clinton! IDK why it’s not showing my edited and cleaned up pic, but you get the drift. He was *thisclose*. And I have a pic of me and him but it’s not digital therefore doesn’t exist on the blog bc I’m too lazy to figure out the scanner.

This is a funny one to me, we had a snow day for the Inauguration in NC. It was a great day of lounging around and watching history on our crappy old TV. And this picture will surely show how technology has changed in the years to come.
And then later that Spring…we became homeowners! (And later that year Scott took a chainsaw to the ivy on that tree… and then a mower to the ivy on the ground. lol!)

And then a month or so later, I did this! The Philly 10 miler

And then the next day, I did this.

Then Scott got his PhD a week later and I was a terrible, unsupportive wife and have NO pictures of him in his cap and gown or otherwise indicating his accomplishment pictorally. We do have a diploma on the wall, and he does make a point of having a fit when we receive mail that is NOT addressed to Dr. Scott. “Who’s “MISTER” McQ????” So, consider this rambling paragraph my acknowledgement that he did it and it was a big deal.

Let’s see… then Ashley and Rob got hitched! I was soooo wasted at their wedding (lol).

We don’t have a ton of exciting pictures from later that year (mainly bc we just hung around), but we did make 2 trips to PA in the fall – the first was for Sophie’s 1st birthday party! She’s super cute these days, and they’re all coming to visit in January!!!! Hooray! But that’s 2010, which is not the focus of this post.
In October, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary 🙂 We always take a pic of ourselves on our anny, so here it is!
Then, before we knew it, it was Christmas! And we got a REAL tree this year for the first time ever, which was so fun. I know the popular thing these days is going fake, but I’ve never had a real tree since I’ve been an independent grown-up so it was so fun to have the house smell like pine and vaccum every day. 😉

We’ll see what else this year brings… we’re hoping for calm and mild days of Jamie & Scott time! Though there’s always the possibility of Monkey coming early, I’d love to have a 2010 baby. It just makes her age easier to calculate, you know?


So, the semester’s over! I’m officially done until August, when I have to take 1 class. And I’ll finish up the following spring w/ my final project class and be the Master. I’m excited, it’s a good arrangement that allows me lots of time to be w/ Monkey in the first year and a half and also keep my brain alive and functioning. 🙂

And I’m 36 weeks. I should get this out there right now, I’m not good at waiting. And there’s also this trend in my family and among my friends where babies seems to take their good ole time (comfortable uteruses must run in the family), so I’ve been basically assuming that I’ll also go late. I figure if I set the bar up there maybe it won’t be as hard? IDK. But it’s also difficult to look at the calendar this month and be like “Yes, any of those days could be her birth-day. Or none of those days.” I don’t do well w/ this uncertainty. Oh, the other thing that doesn’t help is people telling me their “early labor” stories. Like “oh, I had my baby at 35 weeks!!!” Good for you.

My plan WAS to read all the Harry Potter series in my waiting month. I read the first two so far, and it’s fine. I Loved them the first time, but you know, I didn’t know what happened at the end. It’s slightly less enthralling this time. I’ll still get to the others, but it’s not like I’m devouring them at the rate and intensity I’d hoped I would. I was hoping it’d be the magic bullet that kind of made December fly by and all the sudden – I’m in labor!? Oh, I was so naive when I thought up this plan.

So now I’m pretty aimless actually. I don’t have a ton of energy to go out and do social things and things I *should* do (read: clean the bathroom) but don’t really have a lot of fun things to fill the time and make not doing the above things okay. I need a good book. Oh, and I realize I should be enjoying this, and some days I am, I’m just kind of bored.

I don’t have an updated belly pic… I don’t really think much has changed since the last one. I am looking pregnant now, but I’m still amazed at how not-giant I am. It’s a good thing, the past few weeks have been very uncomf and I can only imagine what ppl who look like I do now when they’re like 6 months feel at the end. I’m even kind of hoping I don’t get any bigger. We’ll see about that (*cough* Christmas Cookies *cough*)

It’s Fall in our ‘hood

So, the leaves of our “mature landscaping” are coming down in earnest now. We knew it would suck… but it has eclipsed our wildest dreams 🙂

Scott spent all weekend outside doing manly things like raking, picking up pinecones (he counted 511 in our backyard) and blowing leaves with a wussy electric leaf blower (contrasted to the super manly gas-powered kind.) And now, it’s raining… woohoo. That brings down more leaves. Not sure if this pic (out the window of our house) does it justice, but we have like a fortress of leaves along the curb. As does the entire neighborhood. There’s a big leaf-sucker truck that comes twice in the next 2 months to remove them, I’m pretty excited to see that. Maybe I’m a 10-year old boy?

Yup, looks like we’ve done nothing. Awesome.

Also this weekend, Scott put up a clothesline for me! I feel so dorky and domestic getting SO excited about this, but it truly will save us on our power bill and will make our clothes & sheets smell lovely. I even figured out where to find clothespins… (at Target, by the Laundry drying racks & the like.) Bonus – $1.54 for 50! Oh, and since I mentioned it’s raining, and probably will be for most of the week due to Ida, I don’t think I’ll get to test it out for a while.

See it, out there in the corner? It actually gets some sunlight too, so maybe I can bleach out stains. 🙂

30 Weeks and Workout Update

Welp, Happy 30 weeks to me. The Big 3-0! Whoa.

Oh, and BOO! 🙂

I totally love swimming – I must say that it is by far the superior exercise for preggos. I am no longer running – I did my last run around 25/26 weeks. I’m quite happy I made it so far. Why did I stop? I just felt like it was too hard. *shrug* All along I told myself I’d do it as long as it was fun and I felt like I was getting something positive out of it. The most difficult part was that every time I’d run I would HAVE to take a nap that day… logistically that is just a little inconvenient, right? Plus, I realized the pace I was going was no faster than a brisk walk and, well, walking is cool too! I do miss it a lot though, and am really excited to get my groove back in the spring 🙂

So swimming twice a week is my new favorite workout. The most beautiful thing about it is that I jump in and stretch out a little and honestly *forget I’m pregnant*! It’s quite nice, actually, seeing how it feels like it’s encroaching more and more on day to day life. Things like, you know, putting shoes on and picking something up off the floor… But in the pool not very much has changed. I can still swim at a pretty respectable clip and get my heartrate up to a good zone. And smoke people swimming in the lanes beside me (chumps.)

Oh, and also – go phillies! 🙂

The Baby Hats

Things are going really well with my little wannabe baby hat making business 🙂 I’m updating the flickr album w/ all the ones I’ve made and sent out (well, unless someone ordered one that was *just like* another one I’ve made). It’s a great thing for me. Because, seriously, no hate to the Phillies (bc I’d lose half of my Facebook friends an like all of my family probably) but baseball is actually more boring than football. I didn’t always think that, but now I do. I want them to keep winning, I really do, but deep down I know that every win means they’ll keep playing more. *Sigh*

So, though this isn’t a commercial blog or anything, I’m still loving making the hats and if you want one, let me know.

I thought I’d share some pics of hats I’ve made for little Quiglet. I’m planning on taking a bunch to the hospital so we can figure out what looks good on her. I mean, the pink is gorgeous, and more than likely she’ll look great in it, but it’s not for everyone. (This is one of the perks of having a GIRL! I’m embracing accessories)

Random Updates with pictures

We were up in PA this past weekend for our niece Sophie’s 1st birthday party and christening! She is too cute, and because of this overabundance of cuteness, we didn’t take a picture of ANYTHING ELSE other than her. Oh well. you know kids. She’s at such a cute age, so fun to be around. Though I will say, Scott and I came home exhausted. Note: all comments that read “Ohhhh, just wait” will be deleted. 🙂 So, Happy Birthday (Tomorrow), Sophie Monster!

And this is me, mid 25 weeks. Fall has arrived in NC, and it’s a freaking blast! It’s almost noon and still not 70 degrees here. I’m LOVING it! So this morning I got all ambitious and decided to go for a little run, but remembered, oh yeah, it’s cool out! What does one wear to run in 60 degree weather? And once I zipped up the jacket, I had to take a pic bc… my oh my, it was tight. Also, as soon as I went outside I ditched it and went with short sleeves and pants. And ran 1.5 miles. Cause I’m still a rock star.

Things are going well with the pregnancy, this past weekend was the first few days where I really *felt* pregnant… like I had a belly that was observable and I’ve started this thing where I can’t get up out of a chair or sofa without saying “uuuuuuugh.” It’s adorable, really. Stuff like that. It just felt more real and different this weekend. (Again, comments saying “Just you wait, missy” will be deleted. I. Know.) 🙂

After a really long weekend, I was kind of irresponsible and put off a lot of schoolwork, which I’m catching up on this week. School is going pretty well, and surprisingly hard with only two classes this semester. I love what I’m studying though, I was just thinking this morning about what my *favorite* class has been within my program and I’m not really sure! I’d have to pick at least 4 or 5, and I’ve only taken 9. So yeah, good choice, good investment, good use of time.

I love this semester also because with two classes and no job, it does give me time to keep up with life… like keep the house generally cleaner than I’ve ever been able to do before, and read! I’m enjoying it while it lasts 🙂 Cause, you know… juuuust wait. I just read The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb and, though it was long, I ended up LOVING it. Absolutely love and recommend it.

One more random thing – I am getting a seasonal flu shot on Friday and have already started dreaming/nightmaring about it. I’m such a shot wussy, I’m screwed.