My visit with the Nutritionist

So, like most people, my husband’s employer provides a free nutritionist for employees ant their dependents. What? That’s a crazy-cool and uncommon bene? Oh, my bad. Anyway, being that I’m about to start some intense running & strength training AND that I intend to continue breastfeeding through Margo’s first year, I got to thinking maybe I should just check in and make sure I am eating the right amounts of the right things. And also, is there a way to not feel like I just want to lay on the couch all day after running more than 6 miles? To help me process all of this, I thought I’d put together a Cliff’s Notes in case anyone out there might have similar needs.

I might have forgotten to mention: I’m doing a half marathon on 11/14 on the OBX! Cause I decided being able to walk on my birthday (11/15) isn’t that important to me.

So, the answer to basically all of my nutritional needs is PROTEIN. I’m SUCH a slacker in this department. Scott will tell you, I don’t crave meat at all and he hast to really beg & plead for me to add it to meals. Sorry, honey. Rest assured, those days are over. You’re reading the blog of a person who now needs 70 to 90 g of protein a day. That’s a lot, right? It feels like a lot to me, the last time I had meat was in the Groff’s sweet bologna sandwich a few days ago (thanks Fuddys). She gave me a good list of suggestions for protein enhanced snacks (like with peanut butter or greek yogurt or an egg.)

While running, different strategies will be necessary to keep the energy up and avoid any adverse impacts on my BF supply and energy level. It’s all about water, carbs & electrolytes at that point. Meaning, if I’m running for more than 1/2 hour, I need to have 45-60 g of carbohydrates (in the form of Gu or those chewy thingers – Shot Bloks or Sport Beans – or part Gatorade.) She also said I should take 5-6 gulps of water every 15 minutes when running. So, I’m not sure how I’m going to pack that much water once we get up to the higher distances, but we’ll see. I might need a Fuel Belt. Or several.

Fun fact: I was all hyper crazy about HFCS in Gatorade for a while. She said that the issue w/ High Fructose Corn Syrup is that it’s two different types of sugar (fructose & glucose) which is actually beneficial to the recuperating athlete for some reason. IDK, I’ll take it. I love Haterade (that’s what I call it, cause I like to make up words.)

Another lesson was on refueling after a big run (anything over 60 min). She said there’s a 30-minute window in which you can refuel and your body will rebound throughout the day without feeling crappy (my words). So, it’s pretty important to strap on the feedbag quickly after running a long distance & get protein (again…) in your system. Fruit smoothies w/ whey protein powder was one suggestion… I feel like such a meathead.

So, hopefully I can take these lessons to heart and eat healthy so I feel good in my new endurance workouts 🙂


The “Rotation”

Cooking has become understandably more difficult since Margo has come onto the scene. However, eating healthier food at home has also become more important, so I’ve been working on finding easily prepared meals. We have a few favorites, but we also are being challenged to try new veggies since we get a CSA (community supported agriculture) produce box weekly. It’s pretty fun, Scott brings home a box full of in-season and locally grown items and we have to find a way to use them or freeze them (or make baby food out of them!) We’re stepping well out of our comfort zone, but also eating a lot more veggies than we otherwise would be. This week’s main challenge: Eggplant. Here‘s what I made, and it was delicious!! I’d never actually (knowingly) eaten eggplant until this weekend… it was pretty good & we’ll make it again!

This is our current “rotation” of good recipes:

Life-Changing Chicken – or bbq skewer chicken, if you want a more descriptive title. I like this one because 1. it’s DELICIOUS and 2. I can make it the night before lessening the work right before dinner. That’s a big challenge, since Margo hits the sack at 7 and Scott often gets home at 5:45 or so.

Yummy Salad – This is more of a strong side dish, but it’s fabulous for summer and I’ve been making it often.

Dry Rubbed Pork Chops – This one makes me feel all “cheffy” since I kind of don’t have a recipe & just wing it. I used this video as a basic how-to. I also throw a splash of apple juice in the baking dish while I let them marinate to keep the moisture for when they cook. Another dish I can make ahead… loves it! They’re yummy on the grill or in the oven!

Grilled Potatoes – If we’re grilling anyway, these are a great sidekick to our meat dishes.

I’m trying to branch out as much as possible, and use the wonderful produce we have. And whatever we have & don’t want to eat (*cough*SWEET POTATOES*cough*), well, Margo will get that in a month or so 🙂

Go make this salad.

That’s an order.

I haven’t done recipes on here in For-Evah! And I’m not sure if I’ll dust off that tag on the blog or not, but my good friend Megan made us some food right after Margo was born and I recreated the salad she brought yesterday. Omigah, it’s amazing. Don’t question the ingredients, just go make it. I had it for lunch yesterday and was seriously contemplating having it for a snack. Cause, you know, salad is a good snack? I’m no veggie nut or anything, but it’s a testament to how rockin’ this salad is.

I did buy most of the ingredients from Whole Foods (which is closer than Earthfare to our house… but we still prefer EF!) so most of the things in it were organic or natural in some way. Can’t say if it tasted better than with processed ‘gredients (such as Craisins and pesticide apples) but it tasted darn good this way.

Festive Tossed Salad
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup cider or red wine vinegar
2 T lemon juice
2 T finely chopped onion (pureed so it’s liquidy)
1/2 tsp salt
2/3 cup oil (vegetable, olive, canola, whatever)
2-3 T poppy seeds

10 cup torn Romaine
1 cup shredded swiss cheese
1 med. apple, cored and cubed
1 med. pear, cored and cubed
1/4 cup craisins (or sweetened dried cranberries)
1/2-1 cup chopped cashews
In blender or food processor combine sugar, vinegar, lemon juice, onion and salt. Cover and process until blended. Gradually add oil. Add poppy seeds.
Combine rest of ingredients. When ready to serve, drizzle with desired amount of dressing.

I <3 Free

I’ll get a quick baby update out of the way: Went to the doc yesterday and all seems to be good, though little by they way of “progress” was shown. SO, we’re going back tomorrow for a Fetal Non-Stress Test (NST) to make sure little Quiglet is still doing well in there. They’ll talk induction dates tomorrow as well, a discussion I was dreading though I’m coming to terms with more and more. The doctor mentioned next Wednesday as the earliest they’d induce.

Now, what HAS been going on? I spent some time at Earthfare this morning and took advantage of their Clean out your Pantry deal. You could take in 5 different items and they’d replace them with their version of those items for free. The old items only have to include HFCS, which, face it, is in everything!  Almost all of the items I took in were at least half used up as well, so it actually WAS a savings. And I got all of this for FREE. (The Almonds were last week’s free promo. They’re good, and I don’t even like almonds.)

I especially love this promotion because, yes, we’re a little wary of what organic Shredded Wheat will taste like. So, nothing lost, really, if we don’t like it. We’ve been to Earthfare THREE times this week now, and I have to say, we love all of the things we’ve gotten so far. We got cage-free eggs (and it makes me so happy to think of happy chickens just roaming around making eggs for me, rather than caged and unhappy ones.) that taste like OMG-so good. And organic milk… that one took me a while to convince myself and Scott to actually buy, but it tastes like creme or something. So delicious. It’ll go well with my PB&J for dinner tonight!

This whole gradual transition has been fun, and I’m glad that Scott is with me on it. We’re going forward with the “just at home” plan for now. I mean, we did eat at Rudino’s last night and probably will again, and we don’t intend to impose our priorities on those having us over for dinner. But most of the time, I feel eating like this is easy enough and delicious enough, why not?