Destination: Elizabethtown!

We’re leaving tonight for our week back home in PA, & we’re SO excited! Well, we’re mostly excited to BE there, not totally looking forward to the drive up. We’re trying a bedtime drive approach, hoping Margo will sleep the whole way, as opposed to the last big drive we made when she was kinda like “Uhhh, I want out of my carseat, this sucks.” We know, dear, it sucks for us too. So, here’s hoping for a screaming-child-less journey 🙂

I have a few goals for our relaxing week in PA.

1. Relax

2. Swim often. (Ohh, note to self: pack Margo’s bathing suits.)

3. Document. I want to take lots of pics, and not like the normal buttloads I take of just Margo but get some good shots of her with our grandparents and her grandparents and our friends, etc. I also want to get video of these things.  I love that we have so many pictures & videos of our darling daughter, but I think it’ll be even specialer (yeah, I said it) if her family is in the pics. So, there’s your warning, family and friends. Do your make up & get your hair looking spiffy bc it’s photo shoot time!

I’ve posted several new videos to our youtube channel, in case you’re not connected to me on Twitter or Facebook: Bookmark it, visit it often.

In other news, Margo is now eating solids… bananas & rice cereal so far. She’s doing great with it & it’s pretty fun for us too!


Happy Fathers’ Day!

Margo <3’s her daddy 🙂 We are having a relaxing day today, starting with SLEEPING IN (till 6:30!!!!) then breakfast at Bob Evan’s. After Daddy finishes mowing we’re going to relax all day, involving Red Oaks on the screened in porch (or in the AC, depending on how brutally hot it is outside.) And we’re wrapping it all up with some ice cream with my Dad & family. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend our first real Father’s Day!

Oh, and also – we love our Dads! (aka Margo’s grandpas)

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Well, this was my first OFFICIAL Mothers’ Day as a mommy. Though last year I was pregnant, it still didn’t really *feel* like I earned it. I woke up to a nice little gift from Scott – a garnet and diamond ring. I love it, and my right hand looks so fancy now! 🙂

We had my parents and sister + husband over for brunch which was a blast (til the pollen showed up, but I won’t ruin this post with that mess.) Scott, inspired by too much Top Chef watching decided to make a brunch for us, and oh what a brunch it was. Salmon Croquettes, Green Eggs and Ham, Potatoes, cinnamon buns and fruit. Oh, & mimosas, obvs. It was a lot of fun, I must say 🙂

Margo isn’t so much on the “gift giving” for Mothers’ Day just yet. For instance, instead of a cute little craft or something, she spit up on me 3 times. Like 3 knock out spit ups that necessitate a shirt change. Thanks, baby! See pic below for spit up example. 🙂

We also skyped with my grandparents, and Margo got to spend some quality Exersaucer time! Squeals abounded, here’s a pic mid-squeal.

It’s been a very relaxing afternoon and I feel so lucky to be a mom, with such a great mom of my own. And lucky to be able to spend the day with my family and relax. (Would be luckier if this pollen would go away, but, hey, ya can’t have it all.)

A Special Gift & A Hilarious Note

Yesterday, my Mom was good enough to meet me for lunch and help keep me out of going INSANE in my house waiting for something to happen w/ the baby. We had a nice little lunch date and she gave me this, a journal she kept while pregnant and in my early years.  It’s SO COOL… it’s absolutely so amazing some of the things that just don’t change over the 28 years since she wrote it and some that do. It’s neat to be in the mind of my 23-year-old mother before she knew if I was a boy or a girl, to hear the birth story and my parents’ first reactions.

I suppose this is a good segway into my ideas about baby books. I am not keeping a paper baby book. I know that I would not keep up with it, I’m a digital momma! I’ve been setting up a similar pregnancy journal using the awesome Mac Pages program (just like my mom’s but w/ pics. I guess I’m like a digital version of her.) with copied blog entries, pictures (mostly of my stomach, lol!) and random thoughts. I might print it out and get it assembled like a book, but I guess my feeling on the baby book thing is that writing with a pen and pasting pictures and memorabilia in a book is just not my thing anymore. And let’s go out on a limb and say I want to actually keep up with this over at least the first 2 years, I think digital baby booking is my best bet!

And, randomly tucked into the journal I found a note that I wrote to the Easter Bunny. It has made me laugh till I cried twice. I’m honoring my 8-year-old spelling and punctuation.

Aril 14, 1990

Dear Easter Bunny,

I have done my best all year to be good. If I was good eungh – I would like =

Nintendo – if possibale
real rabbit – if possibale
a picture of you – if you have one
crayons and colering book

Love, J

P.S. Are you real?

You have to admire the logic, right? I mean, if you’re real, I’d like a picture. If you have one. And I can just imagine my parents’ laughter at the request for a “real rabbit.” How ’bout some colering books, Jamie?

Last trip to PA: Baby Shower Time!

This past weekend we made our FINAL journey to Elizabethtown until APRIL! Wow, does that sound far away! Though this trip was hard (mainly, on me and my back), we know the next one might just be harder. 🙂

The main event this weekend was Quiglet’s Baby Shower. It was a blast, my friends and family did a fabulous job making it a special and fun event. I can’t figure out how to rip the pics off of Kodak, but here’s the gallery.

We did a “Green” Shower, which I was really excited about because though I do love opening presents, the overwhelmingness of opening so many at a shower (I know, what a whiner) and the wastefulness of it made the idea of a shower w/ no wrapping paper really appealing. And it was fun, to me it was no less special!

Another awesome thing the shower planners did was ask everyone to bring a book in place of a card. Scott and I had such a fun time looking through all of the books we got to start Quiglet’s library. 🙂 It’s special because of course we have our own favorite books but it was neat to see others’ favorites. And who knows what baby girl will like!

This is her closet, Pre-Shower:

With the combination of ridiculous Old Navy sales and consignment sales, my mom and I have outfitted this kid for the first year. Though, I will say, most of this stuff is “cute” stuff rather than “functional” stuff… at the shower we got a bunch of sleeping items and loungewear (lol), which we definitely needed!

Christmas Wishes (shooting out of your eyes)

…sorry, that’s from 30 Rock! Gotta love a Jordan Christmas.So, ho-ho-ho! This is our Christmas card!!! It’s green and cheap (free) and conserves time :). We had a great holiday in NC with my parents and sister. We watched the entire John Adams miniseries which was educational, inspirational and fun! Scott and I exchanged gifts this morning – and a first for us – we woke up in our own home on Christmas morning! We’re off to Pennsylvania for a week, with a stop by DC to visit Spector in 2009.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Meet the Wilkinsons!

Here are some good pics from the wedding! They weren’t quite as wonderful as I was hoping, but who knew that heavy drinking (at the reception… I’m not that tacky ;))and use of a Nikon D80 didn’t complement each other??? 🙂

Cara and the two kids – we played a lot of I Spy pre-wedding.
This was the second best thing to happen with a shoe this week… the best? Need you ask? Little Wilmond (is that how you spell it?) liked the fancy black shoes… for chewing.

Will and the ring bearer 🙂
I liked this one…
Reception! Cara & Steve, our new buddies!
Meet the Wilkinsons! 🙂
Ash had her company Christmas party the next ballroom over – crazy! Family pic!

Gu gives everyone a practice bubble blowing session…

We had a great time at the wedding, and it was our pleasure to be involved with it 🙂 Here‘s the link to the flickr album with a few more.