Scarf Awareness

Today’s pic… this is my Mom’s Christmas present, so of course I finish it January 9th 🙂

I thought it was kinda cute, a granny square scarf for Grammy. And it’s hard to take pictures of scarves, so I unintentionally ended up with an awareness ribbon formation. So, I support scarves, and you should too.


The Baby Hats

Things are going really well with my little wannabe baby hat making business 🙂 I’m updating the flickr album w/ all the ones I’ve made and sent out (well, unless someone ordered one that was *just like* another one I’ve made). It’s a great thing for me. Because, seriously, no hate to the Phillies (bc I’d lose half of my Facebook friends an like all of my family probably) but baseball is actually more boring than football. I didn’t always think that, but now I do. I want them to keep winning, I really do, but deep down I know that every win means they’ll keep playing more. *Sigh*

So, though this isn’t a commercial blog or anything, I’m still loving making the hats and if you want one, let me know.

I thought I’d share some pics of hats I’ve made for little Quiglet. I’m planning on taking a bunch to the hospital so we can figure out what looks good on her. I mean, the pink is gorgeous, and more than likely she’ll look great in it, but it’s not for everyone. (This is one of the perks of having a GIRL! I’m embracing accessories)

*gag* Note to the Babe

Dear Quiglet/Monkey/She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named,

Hey! I’m not one to do a big weekly or monthly note to a fetus (though I do hope to do a monthly letter to you once you’re born!), but for some reason, today I was just struck by how EXCITED I am to be carrying you around, and how EXCITED I am to meet you in 3 months (or less.)

It seems like, for me at least, you go through life, and if something is awful or bringing you down, you think about it a lot, even take drugs for it. I find it completely unfair that when something is lifting you up and making you overjoyed, it’s not equally celebrated and addressed. Well, Quiglet, today I’m saying it: you are making me THAT happy. Like I could be taking depressants because I’m so overjoyed most of the time and it feels so different from normal life. I’m totally annoying and irritating even to myself, as I lay reading on the couch and can’t focus because I’m just smiling like a fool thinking about you. How crazy is that?

So, we’re about to enter our final trimester… wow, did the first two fly or what? I’ve very much enjoyed the most recent one. You decided to I guess inhabit what (mostly) already existed of my stomach, making me wait to really look the part of the 6 months pregnant lady. I think I needed the lesson in patience anyway, and I’m sure you’ll continue to teach me. But now you must have run out of corners of my belly to inhabit because – pop – now I’m showing. I even do that annoying pregnant lady thing when I’m out and about where I rub my stomach, just to eliminate any doubt strangers might have about my condition… And I was simultaneously shocked and not-shocked to find out you already weigh 2 pounds and are over a foot long. And I’m still loving your kicking and flipping and whatever the heck you’re doing in there. I was thinking about it today while I was swimming – what ARE you doing? From the pictures it seems like you must not have much room, does that suck? I was thinking how miserable it’d be for 9 months to be so cramped to not do anything. But I guess you’re doing a lot… you know, becoming human and getting ready to be self-sufficient. Don’t worry, we’ll help you out on the self-sufficiency thing. Might actually take a few years, but we’re prepared for that.

Oh, and I hope you like hats. I made you one today, and true to form, was smiling like a fool the whole time thinking about you. *sigh* Do you like it?
The Scrappy Hat


Hats for Sale! Get your Baby Hats!

So, as you all know, I’m getting really into the hats. I’ve made a few for various babies to hone my skillz and get the sizing thing down. That’s the weirdest part! When kids are like… 15 or 16 months old their heads are almost normal sized! So odd, how did I not notice that before?

Anyway, I want to throw this out there that I’m willing and able (and excited) to make hats for friends and family for a small fee… I do have to buy more yarn, you know? 🙂 I prefer to stick to folks I know or folks I “know” (for the internet friends 😉 ) at this time. Email me if you’re interested in getting a winter hat (or a photograph-able hat) for your child, or a Christmas gift. I’m cheaper than etsy, promise!

Here’s what I’m able to do:

Newsboy for a boy:
Luke in a blue newsboy

Equal opportunity… Newsboy for a girl: (Maybe I’ll call this the Title 9)
Newsboys are for girls too!

And the beanie + flower (though it could be done minus flower for boys)
Pink Beanie with Flower

I use excellent quality yarn, none of that acrylic crap. I mean, it’s going to be right next to a baby’s head, right?

Here’s the Flickr album I’ve created to showcase the current projects and their models. If it sounds slightly lame in some of the descriptions, it is actually part of an assignment for my Social Media class, so don’t judge! I intend to keep up with it. Feel free to comment!

Babies in Hats

My niece Sophie in the earflappy hat! She looks so cute in it!

My friend Heather’s son Luke modeling the blue newsboy 🙂
I love how it makes him look like a little boy… so adorable!

This one might be for keeps… it’s a newsboy + BIG flower.
I am starting to like big flowers on hats.

Belly Pic and some Baby Hats

Ok, so here’s me in my 21 1/2 week preggo-ness. In a bathing suit, nonetheless. (This will come up in some interesting searches, I’m sure…) If you’ll notice, the bedroom has some nice, SMOOTH ceilings. Not sure why, but many homes in NC – both the town home that was built in 2000 and our current home, built in ’67 – have popcorn ceilings. Which I detest. So we’ve begun the process of getting them scraped and painted for us, a few rooms at a time. Yesterday we did the master bedroom and the nursery.

And, the baby hat crocheting continues… I’m having so much fun and finding them surprisingly easy to make – even w/ the flowers. The only question mark left is “will they fit a newborn?” In looking at some online sizing charts, it seems they will. I might have to take them with me in case some stranger would let me try them on their baby. “Scuse me, can I borrow your baby’s head for a sec?”

Lookie what I made

Ummm… so I made a baby hat today. I used this pattern, and it turned out a little smaller than the measurements say, but it is very stretchy so I’m pretty sure it’ll fit a newborn. And I can work w/ the yarn size and hook size. I’m so excited about it. I added a flower. (I put the hat on notebook paper to prove I also did homework today. Really, I did.)

And here’s a pic of Scott in his birthday shirt from cool uncle Steve. Unfortch I don’t know how to write all that in binary. For those blog readers who aren’t tremendous geeks, it says DAD in zeros and ones. Which is Binary. Which is a computer thing. And Monkey’s due date is 01-10 so I guess that means I’m giving birth to a big nerd (I mean, the DNA is in her favor there, right? Says the girl who crochets all afternoon with the husband in a binary tshirt.)