The Truth about Cloth Diapering

Oh, hi!

So, I know a lot of people’s first reaction to cloth diapering is – EWWW! And maybe after they’ve calmed down they picture rubber pants and diaper pins and the old cloth diapers. I think they also picture turds in the washing machine. These are misconceptions, and I truly feel that if people had more accurate information about what modern cloth diapering is and isn’t, the initial EEWWWW reaction might be a little different. I love it, as you can tell, and I think simply talking about it & lifting the veil of questions with others is a good way to get the word out that modern cloth diapering isn’t that bad (in fact, it’s quite good). It’s a great way to save money & the environment and make your child’s tushie cuter 🙂

I’m hoping to do a few posts on cloth diapering to share with the world what we do, and perhaps help anyone who’s curious about starting CDing. I hope it’s not preachy or judgy… I know moms as a group are prone to this but I truly don’t care if you use disposables on your child. I know this regimen isn’t for everyone, but I’m of the mind that it’s probably for more people than know it. Here is a post I did back in the early Kissaluv Size 0 days about why we decided to CD and why we love it.

Our Stash

To begin CDing, you need some supplies. This was (and is) the toughest part initially, since you get it in your head that CDing is cheaper than using disposables, but at first, it’s not. However, once you have everything & make the initial investment, you’re golden and THEN there’s very little expense. (Well, except for the fact that CDs are extremely addictive and the CD mother must possess very strong willpower to resist purchasing new and shiny patterns and designs.) There’s also a certain amount of trial and error involved in figuring out what is going to work best for your child and you. If I could offer any advice at all, it’d be the same that was given to me: just wait to buy all the diapers you need until you start using them. It’s hard to say what you’ll love & hate until you’re using them.

We have about 40 diapers right now. Counting is difficult since there’s ALWAYS dirty diapers. That number actually kind of shocks me too, since they’re never all in the same place at the same time I had been estimating lower. This is a really comfortable amount for the time being, as I get to do laundry every 3 days and can line dry them (meaning I can get through 4 full days with this amount). We will have some change when Margo outgrows some of the sized diapers that have upper weight limits that she’s nearing.

6 Kushies – these diapers are great all-in-one (AIO) diapers with velcro closures. I’m not the hugest fan of Velcro, however these are the best Velcro we have. They’re on the cheap side & I actually got these used of craigslist. They’re not the prettiest diapers you can get, but I love them for naps and tighter outfits (since they’re a little trimmer than other brands). They might be my favorite surprise in CDing!

10 Nana’s Bottoms – I also got these used and they’re just great quality AIOs! Using AIOs is a mixed bag – it makes for more laundry (and longer drying time). The alternative, fitted or prefolds, allows you to reuse a cover and makes the laundry a little less. These are also a favorite because they’re pretty trim, since they’re sized. I’ll be sad when she outgrows them! I got a friend to convert a few that I had that were velcro to snaps and have been in love ever since.

13 BumGenius 3.0s– These are widely popular diapers, and I’d give them 4 out of 5 stars. Generally, I like them a lot. The colors are great, and the pocket design & snap-down design (so they fit from newborn to potty training) is excellent. They do tend to leak for us at naptime, since Margo often sleeps on her stomach and they’ve been known to leak through the tabs, so I try to put them on her for normal daytime wear. I am really disappointed with their Velcro, though they have improved it in their BG 4.0s. I am having my friend convert the velcro into snaps, though this is a tedious process. That’s how much the velcro sucks!  If you couldn’t tell, I highly prefer the snaps to velcro in my CD’s… lesson learned.

3 BumGenius AIO Elementals – These are also one-size diapers. Until last week, these were our nighttime diapers and we got frustrated because of a strong ammonia smell and some diaper rash issues (directly related to the ammonia). They’re great as daytime diapers too!

4 Rumparooz – These might just be my favorites. They are pretty (hello Lux!), they have a double gusset on the inside (read: blowout prevention), and they fit really well. You pay for that, of course. They’re not cheap. This is not surprising, since I seem to gravitate toward expensive things. Another post for another day 🙂 Anyway, love these!

1 Fuzzi Bunz one-size – I got a Rumparooz and FB at the same time, thinking I’d test them out to see what I’d buy some more of to fill out the stash. Rumparooz won. Lots of folks love FB’s, for us they’re just okay. It’s not huge stuff, they’re just kind of harder to put on and doesn’t seem to be as good a fit as the other diapers in our stash.

3 Goodmama Bamboo velour fitted diapers – These are our new nighttime diapers and are working really well! I also acquired these used from someone on craigslist and am using them with a Thirsties Duo Wrap cover with (knock on wood) no leaks and no diaper rash.

Like everything, everyone has their own opinion. I just have a blog, so now you know mine 🙂