So, I didn’t even think about resolutions until today… oh well. I’m not a huge fan of them because, well, who can even remember what they resolved the year before? I feel like I had a pretty good year in 2009, so I won’t worry about it 😉 But there is one that has to do w/ the blog and general documentation of life, so I thought it apropos to share here.

My friend Jenny is doing this ambitious and awesome Project 365, where she’s taking and sharing a photo everyday for a year. This is how lame I am… I want to do it but can’t “commit”, so I’m just going to do my version: Project 365ish. Or, with a less cute name “Try to post more often and more pics to the blog”. I’m sure with an adorable babe this should not be a challenge, however I’m not putting myself out there. 🙂 There, that’s a luke-warm resolution for ya! But honestly, one of the things I think is cool about the project is that it forces me to kind of document some of the funny things that happen in words and pictures. And with the iphone handy-cam, hopefully I’ll have lots to share.

January 1, 2010: This picture says it all.

We got to ring in the new year sick and… well, kinda whiny. Both of us. Wooooohoo. The Tums (need I say it) were for me. This child is going to have a full head of hair, if those old wives know what they’re talking about at all.

And here’s January 3, 2010 (see… 365ish)

39 weeks and 2 days pregnant… The consensus here is that I am looking larger than the last pic I posted, but who knows. And for those interested, the doctor last week said I’m 1 cm dilated and 20% effaced… though she followed it up quickly w/ “That really doesn’t mean anything.” That will not stop me from eating spicy food and doing laps around Crabtree Mall though (it’s in the 20’s and 30’s here, yo)! And those things are mainly just bc I miss food with flavor (heartburn has relegated me to a diet consisting of mac and cheese and grilled cheese…) and I get antsy so I like to move around. But I’m not ruling either of those actions out as a possible way to get things moving!


Happy December!

How is it December already!? Yikes!! And at the same time… mmmmmm Christmas cookies.

Well, we’ve been busy busy. Here’s my latest belly pic:
I’m now 34 1/2 weeks… and showin’ like a mother. (haha, I’m glad I make myself laugh.) Little Quiglet’s kicks have gotten WAY more intense over the past week or so. I still can say I don’t *mind*… I generally like it because it’s comforting to know she’s in there and moving/growing/doing what she’s supposed to be doing. Scott got to SEE movement this week, which is hilarious. It’s like my body has been possessed. Which it kind of has… but anyway.

I’ve been finishing up my semester and nesting like crazy. I’ve washed all of her clothes and put the little darling things in the big dresser. I’ve organized a lot, though the crib still is kind of full of random stuff… we figure it won’t be full of baby for a few more months.

Here’s what the nursery looks like at the moment! We’ve rearranged it, bought a glider and generally filled it up a lot more since I last posted pictures of it.

Oh, and did I mention her bookshelf? Thank you, showers! I love all of the special books we have to start out with, and that each one has a close friend/family member’s note to Quiglet. Though surely when she’s like 4, she’ll be like “Who’s this Quiglet character?”

30 Weeks and Workout Update

Welp, Happy 30 weeks to me. The Big 3-0! Whoa.

Oh, and BOO! 🙂

I totally love swimming – I must say that it is by far the superior exercise for preggos. I am no longer running – I did my last run around 25/26 weeks. I’m quite happy I made it so far. Why did I stop? I just felt like it was too hard. *shrug* All along I told myself I’d do it as long as it was fun and I felt like I was getting something positive out of it. The most difficult part was that every time I’d run I would HAVE to take a nap that day… logistically that is just a little inconvenient, right? Plus, I realized the pace I was going was no faster than a brisk walk and, well, walking is cool too! I do miss it a lot though, and am really excited to get my groove back in the spring 🙂

So swimming twice a week is my new favorite workout. The most beautiful thing about it is that I jump in and stretch out a little and honestly *forget I’m pregnant*! It’s quite nice, actually, seeing how it feels like it’s encroaching more and more on day to day life. Things like, you know, putting shoes on and picking something up off the floor… But in the pool not very much has changed. I can still swim at a pretty respectable clip and get my heartrate up to a good zone. And smoke people swimming in the lanes beside me (chumps.)

Oh, and also – go phillies! 🙂

Who is 28 weeks pregnant (already)?

Me… omg.

Into the 3rd trimester – wow that sounds scary. We have exciting times ahead… going home next weekend! Time flies, anyone can tell you this. But when you find out you’re pregnant the first week in May, January 8th sounds a world a way. And depending on my mood, sometimes it still does. Maybe because it’s in 2010 it adds to the far-away-ness of it. But dude, it’s 3ish months away. That is all. And they’re starting to put Christmas stuff in stores and all I know is Christmas = almost there.

We’re making progress though… we painted the nursery and Scott put the furniture together…

And this weekend, we’re tackling the bonus room. This is the room that since we moved in 6 months ago has been the go-to… “oh, just throw it in the bonus room.” It’s shameful, we still have (shudder) unpacked boxes. I’ve been pretty awesome at acquiring random baby things from all of the fabulous consignment sales Raleigh has. Things like an Exersaucer for $10, and a Bumbo for $12 (thanks Heather!). Which is all fabulous, but they live in a big pile in the bonus room. And I haven’t even had my showers yet. So that’s the benchmark: let’s clear that out before we get ANYTHING ELSE.

It’ll probably be last in line for our home renovations, as it makes a fantastic playroom. It’s one of those things – it has very excellent carpet that is just not old enough for us to get rid of. BUT… it’s plaid. It’s not terrible (not like the bathroom wallpaper terrible) so we think we can live with it for a few years. And maybe it’s actually good bc then we can just say – Ok Kids, don’t worry if you mess up the carpet. 🙂 And someday when the kids are older we can make the bonus room into a sweet movie theater (Scott’s dream…not mine. Oh well, he just painted a room pink, I’ll let him have it for now.)

New House

My GOD, I wish it still looked like that.

Random Updates with pictures

We were up in PA this past weekend for our niece Sophie’s 1st birthday party and christening! She is too cute, and because of this overabundance of cuteness, we didn’t take a picture of ANYTHING ELSE other than her. Oh well. you know kids. She’s at such a cute age, so fun to be around. Though I will say, Scott and I came home exhausted. Note: all comments that read “Ohhhh, just wait” will be deleted. 🙂 So, Happy Birthday (Tomorrow), Sophie Monster!

And this is me, mid 25 weeks. Fall has arrived in NC, and it’s a freaking blast! It’s almost noon and still not 70 degrees here. I’m LOVING it! So this morning I got all ambitious and decided to go for a little run, but remembered, oh yeah, it’s cool out! What does one wear to run in 60 degree weather? And once I zipped up the jacket, I had to take a pic bc… my oh my, it was tight. Also, as soon as I went outside I ditched it and went with short sleeves and pants. And ran 1.5 miles. Cause I’m still a rock star.

Things are going well with the pregnancy, this past weekend was the first few days where I really *felt* pregnant… like I had a belly that was observable and I’ve started this thing where I can’t get up out of a chair or sofa without saying “uuuuuuugh.” It’s adorable, really. Stuff like that. It just felt more real and different this weekend. (Again, comments saying “Just you wait, missy” will be deleted. I. Know.) 🙂

After a really long weekend, I was kind of irresponsible and put off a lot of schoolwork, which I’m catching up on this week. School is going pretty well, and surprisingly hard with only two classes this semester. I love what I’m studying though, I was just thinking this morning about what my *favorite* class has been within my program and I’m not really sure! I’d have to pick at least 4 or 5, and I’ve only taken 9. So yeah, good choice, good investment, good use of time.

I love this semester also because with two classes and no job, it does give me time to keep up with life… like keep the house generally cleaner than I’ve ever been able to do before, and read! I’m enjoying it while it lasts 🙂 Cause, you know… juuuust wait. I just read The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb and, though it was long, I ended up LOVING it. Absolutely love and recommend it.

One more random thing – I am getting a seasonal flu shot on Friday and have already started dreaming/nightmaring about it. I’m such a shot wussy, I’m screwed.

Baby update

Here’s two 23 week belly pics. I really think it shrinks for the pictures… like she has stage fright or something.

Here’s me in my new dress, for Kyle & Laurie’s wedding and Sophie’s baptism. Oh, and maybe my shower. I feel obligated to wear it as often as possible… bc it’s too cute.
And this is today… (Please ignore the laundry… I still haven’t figure out how to get it to put *itself* away. Seriously, any one have any tips on that?)

So, we got our nursery furniture delivered yesterday – wow! We’re just leaving it in the boxes though, until we can get the room painted, but that kind of makes it all feel a little more urgent. Even though we do still have a bunch of time… it’s exciting. I keep seeing little babies out and moms are probably like “why is that slightly fat woman staring at me and smiling wistfully?”

Today we were watching the Eagles dominate the Panthers and Monkey was kicking up a storm… I think she’s an Eagles fan. Scott said that better not mean she is going to be a cheerleader. (oh SNAP! there go all my cheerleader readers.) I think she is also very excited about usability, as she also tends to jump up and down in my Usability Studies class. So, a geeky football lover? Does that sound like anyone we know? (No paternity tests necessary.)

Belly Pic and some Baby Hats

Ok, so here’s me in my 21 1/2 week preggo-ness. In a bathing suit, nonetheless. (This will come up in some interesting searches, I’m sure…) If you’ll notice, the bedroom has some nice, SMOOTH ceilings. Not sure why, but many homes in NC – both the town home that was built in 2000 and our current home, built in ’67 – have popcorn ceilings. Which I detest. So we’ve begun the process of getting them scraped and painted for us, a few rooms at a time. Yesterday we did the master bedroom and the nursery.

And, the baby hat crocheting continues… I’m having so much fun and finding them surprisingly easy to make – even w/ the flowers. The only question mark left is “will they fit a newborn?” In looking at some online sizing charts, it seems they will. I might have to take them with me in case some stranger would let me try them on their baby. “Scuse me, can I borrow your baby’s head for a sec?”