Ode to the Cloth Diapers

One of our biggest and most misunderstood decisions we’ve made in baby-rearing is the choice to use cloth diapers. We love it, and they’re working out really well so far. They’re pretty user-friendly and should probably have a different name entirely from the cloth diapers of days past that needed pins and rubber pants.

Here are some reasons we love our cloth diapers for Margo’s adorable little bum:

1. Environment. Obviously… and to be perfectly honest, it’s part of our reasoning but not ALL of it. Every time I do laundry though, I think about how those 20-some diapers are getting used again, not being tossed. Which is quite nice and, like the diapers, warm and fuzzy.

2. Cost. This is a much more prominent reason for us. We’re currently using Kissaluvs for the newborn and infancy stage, and our stash is comprised of a few shower gifts, some used, some borrowed and a few we purchased ourselves. Again, I get all warm and fuzzy when I take them out of the dryer and think, I don’t have to run to the store to get more! I am set for 2 more days now, no extra cost! The cost only gets better when you consider we’ll use these for a future child (and if it’s a boy, he can deal with the trauma of a few purple diapers… sorry son), and I can sell them when I’m done.

3. It’s not that inconvenient. Maybe that sounds like a lame reason, but I feel like a big connotation with cloth diapers is that it’s a lot more work and fuss. I was also afraid of this going into it, but signed on regardless. Well, it IS more work than simply tossing a dirty diaper in the trash, but it’s not too much more. It’s a load of laundry more, really. And especially right now when I’m home all day, doing another load isn’t an issue at all.

4. Cute, cute! They’re so much cuter than disposables… she could go pantsless (if it weren’t February…) and be adorable still!

5. Less mess & stankiness. This weekend, we took a forced weekend off of using our cloth diapers because of a persistent diaper rash. (Another fact about cloth: you can’t use a lot of traditional ointments … ie Desitin… bc it stains or otherwise ruins them. And Mommy didn’t plan ahead with a cloth-safe diaper cream so we’re waiting for that, hopefully in today’s mail.) And something kind of unexpected happened… I can’t wait to use cloth again. Until the past few days, I couldn’t imagine how parents could know if their kid had a dirty diaper by smelling their butt through her clothes, because with cloth we honestly can’t smell it. With disposables? Um, yeah. It’s messier and yuckier. And all of the sudden, I understand how people who have only used disposables would say no way to cloth. If you assume cloth gives you the same result… yeah, I wouldn’t be interested in that either. I use a little vinegar in the first rinse and so far, that’s totally kept the stankiness away.

The only real downside I can think of is how big it makes her butt… but our 9 lb bundle of joy is still in newborn clothes even WITH the big booty cloth diapers so it’s not too troubling to us.

So there you have it, Internet. We’re exceedingly happy with this decision. And see, aren’t they pretty?


Happy Birthday, Margo!

The waiting is over! Margo is here! Margaret Abigail arrived early this morning, at 5:22am in grand style. It was exciting and dramatic, via emergency c-section. It’s a long story, one I definitely don’t have the energy to tell at this moment, having had about a half hour’s sleep in the past 36 hours. But I’m still up, because I have this adorable munchkin to gaze at adoringly.

Margo is a total doll. She is pretty average – 20 inches and 7 lb 11 oz. Her hair? No, that’s not average. That is proof that old wive’s tales (specifically that one about if you have lots of heartburn your baby will have lots of hair) should be heeded. Her hair is a sight to see. It’s gorgeous, and I can’t wait to tie it up in bows and barettes!

We like to watch her make faces. We’re so smitten by this little girl, she doesn’t have to do a thing and we think it’s cute. She cries and it makes us smile, she opens her eyes and we’re in awe.

And, with her time of birth, we got to see the sunrise and spend a nice morning together as a family of three. This wasn’t the first time Scott melted my heart today, but one of the ones I got a picture of at least 🙂 . We had quite a day, all 24 hours of it, and we’re so excited for the next 24 hours!!

I <3 Free

I’ll get a quick baby update out of the way: Went to the doc yesterday and all seems to be good, though little by they way of “progress” was shown. SO, we’re going back tomorrow for a Fetal Non-Stress Test (NST) to make sure little Quiglet is still doing well in there. They’ll talk induction dates tomorrow as well, a discussion I was dreading though I’m coming to terms with more and more. The doctor mentioned next Wednesday as the earliest they’d induce.

Now, what HAS been going on? I spent some time at Earthfare this morning and took advantage of their Clean out your Pantry deal. You could take in 5 different items and they’d replace them with their version of those items for free. The old items only have to include HFCS, which, face it, is in everything!  Almost all of the items I took in were at least half used up as well, so it actually WAS a savings. And I got all of this for FREE. (The Almonds were last week’s free promo. They’re good, and I don’t even like almonds.)

I especially love this promotion because, yes, we’re a little wary of what organic Shredded Wheat will taste like. So, nothing lost, really, if we don’t like it. We’ve been to Earthfare THREE times this week now, and I have to say, we love all of the things we’ve gotten so far. We got cage-free eggs (and it makes me so happy to think of happy chickens just roaming around making eggs for me, rather than caged and unhappy ones.) that taste like OMG-so good. And organic milk… that one took me a while to convince myself and Scott to actually buy, but it tastes like creme or something. So delicious. It’ll go well with my PB&J for dinner tonight!

This whole gradual transition has been fun, and I’m glad that Scott is with me on it. We’re going forward with the “just at home” plan for now. I mean, we did eat at Rudino’s last night and probably will again, and we don’t intend to impose our priorities on those having us over for dinner. But most of the time, I feel eating like this is easy enough and delicious enough, why not?

A Special Gift & A Hilarious Note

Yesterday, my Mom was good enough to meet me for lunch and help keep me out of going INSANE in my house waiting for something to happen w/ the baby. We had a nice little lunch date and she gave me this, a journal she kept while pregnant and in my early years.  It’s SO COOL… it’s absolutely so amazing some of the things that just don’t change over the 28 years since she wrote it and some that do. It’s neat to be in the mind of my 23-year-old mother before she knew if I was a boy or a girl, to hear the birth story and my parents’ first reactions.

I suppose this is a good segway into my ideas about baby books. I am not keeping a paper baby book. I know that I would not keep up with it, I’m a digital momma! I’ve been setting up a similar pregnancy journal using the awesome Mac Pages program (just like my mom’s but w/ pics. I guess I’m like a digital version of her.) with copied blog entries, pictures (mostly of my stomach, lol!) and random thoughts. I might print it out and get it assembled like a book, but I guess my feeling on the baby book thing is that writing with a pen and pasting pictures and memorabilia in a book is just not my thing anymore. And let’s go out on a limb and say I want to actually keep up with this over at least the first 2 years, I think digital baby booking is my best bet!

And, randomly tucked into the journal I found a note that I wrote to the Easter Bunny. It has made me laugh till I cried twice. I’m honoring my 8-year-old spelling and punctuation.

Aril 14, 1990

Dear Easter Bunny,

I have done my best all year to be good. If I was good eungh – I would like =

Nintendo – if possibale
real rabbit – if possibale
a picture of you – if you have one
crayons and colering book

Love, J

P.S. Are you real?

You have to admire the logic, right? I mean, if you’re real, I’d like a picture. If you have one. And I can just imagine my parents’ laughter at the request for a “real rabbit.” How ’bout some colering books, Jamie?

Due Date Date Night!

January 8, 2010

So, January 8th… came and went pretty much without note. Just another day… and to celebrate this nothingness, Scott and I went on a Due Date Date. We went to Pei Wei and check out our fortunes! Mine taught us how to say Daughter in Chinese, while Scott’s gave us a good fortune. And on the flip side of the Daughter fortune, there were 6 lucky numbers, the most interesting of which is… 9. So, maybe we’ll have a Chinese baby tomorrow. We’ll name here Nu-er (see fortune).

We also saw Sherlock Holmes… pretty good!


So, I’m trying to relax and enjoy this time. SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE. But thank you all for the advice 😉

Today, I got my toes done with my Mom! It was so nice & relaxing… and I love that I’ll have adorable toesies for the delivery. Even if they’re covered in socks. And since it’s like 15 degrees here, they’ll probably be covered in socks most of the time anyway. But *I’ll* know. Thanks Grammy!

January 5, 2010’s Picture…

Gosh, isn’t Smarty adorable, curled up so cute on the edge of the bed? Probably bc it’s so cold 🙂 I’m reading the next Michael Pollan book, In Defense of Food, though I’ll be honest, it’s not quite as compelling as Omnivore’s Dilemma was.


So, I didn’t even think about resolutions until today… oh well. I’m not a huge fan of them because, well, who can even remember what they resolved the year before? I feel like I had a pretty good year in 2009, so I won’t worry about it 😉 But there is one that has to do w/ the blog and general documentation of life, so I thought it apropos to share here.

My friend Jenny is doing this ambitious and awesome Project 365, where she’s taking and sharing a photo everyday for a year. This is how lame I am… I want to do it but can’t “commit”, so I’m just going to do my version: Project 365ish. Or, with a less cute name “Try to post more often and more pics to the blog”. I’m sure with an adorable babe this should not be a challenge, however I’m not putting myself out there. 🙂 There, that’s a luke-warm resolution for ya! But honestly, one of the things I think is cool about the project is that it forces me to kind of document some of the funny things that happen in words and pictures. And with the iphone handy-cam, hopefully I’ll have lots to share.

January 1, 2010: This picture says it all.

We got to ring in the new year sick and… well, kinda whiny. Both of us. Wooooohoo. The Tums (need I say it) were for me. This child is going to have a full head of hair, if those old wives know what they’re talking about at all.

And here’s January 3, 2010 (see… 365ish)

39 weeks and 2 days pregnant… The consensus here is that I am looking larger than the last pic I posted, but who knows. And for those interested, the doctor last week said I’m 1 cm dilated and 20% effaced… though she followed it up quickly w/ “That really doesn’t mean anything.” That will not stop me from eating spicy food and doing laps around Crabtree Mall though (it’s in the 20’s and 30’s here, yo)! And those things are mainly just bc I miss food with flavor (heartburn has relegated me to a diet consisting of mac and cheese and grilled cheese…) and I get antsy so I like to move around. But I’m not ruling either of those actions out as a possible way to get things moving!