9 Month Letter (a day early!)

Dear Margo,
9 months! You’ve officially been out in the world longer than you were inside of me! (Well… in 8 days or so we’ll hit that landmark. Cause, you know, you were late. I’m not mad, just want to be honest in our calculations.) While both 9 month periods seemed to fly by, the past 9 months WITH you were way more enjoyable for me.

It feels like so much has happened this month. You’re CRAWLING! Last week you just said, you know what, this rolling business, it’s not working out for me anymore. We were so sure you were the kid who would skip crawling altogether so we were extra surprised. You’re also cruising now. The fun trick associated with this is cruising down the length of our bathtub to turn on the water. It makes you laugh, and I’d be fine with it if you’d turn on the cold water once in a while. The hot water is expensive, and you always seem to go there first. You started cruising around the Leap Frog table and quickly expanded to the couches and anything Margo-height.  I suppose the next logical progression is climbing, and you’ve mastered (and become fixated on) the 2 steps between the living room and kitchen. It’s adorable and a little scary to watch, since you sometimes sit back on the first stair and just seem to think it’s normal and you can lean back. We call this the Margo Trust Fall.

You took a few steps with your walking toy too, which impressed us since before you’d always kind of face planted or pulled it back on top of you. Your balance is, evidently, improving! A few nights ago you stood, on your own with out leaning or holding my hands, for 13 seconds (I counted at a normal clip, not super fast. Promise) I felt so proud, I’m just so excited to see you walk. I know my heart will explode with pride. And I imagine that feeling will continue until you’re elected President of the United States, since you can do anything!!

In the food-world, you’re now self feeding! It was such an amazing development to watch. The first day I gave you a bunch of puffs you went nuts probably thinking these were some new toys, maybe accidentally got one in your mouth and the majority on the floor or in the high chair. And with every day, your aim has improved and the floor clean up has gotten less and less. You look like a big kid when you pick up your own food, it’s so fun to watch.

And, how dare I forget to mention… you’re getting a TOOTH! (Finally) It’s been a difficult thing as a parent, never knowing when the first little guy is going to poke through and therefore attributing random cries to “maybe she’s teething.” Well, we feel it now and I’m just waiting for it to come out & play. We had a few nights where you just weren’t yourself (meaning you woke up several times & were inconsolable), which worried us. THEN we felt the tooth and it all made sense. The fears that our perfect sleeper had decided to change her nightly routine passed & we all celebrated with a good night’s sleep.

It feels like everything gets more joyful and exciting by the day lately with you! Filling up your bathtub, helping us turn the pages in your baby’s first word book, staring out the window in your carseat… all of these things induce delighted shrieks and make me smile too. All I know is I can say this month what I feel like I say every month. It was the best yet! I can’t wait to see what you’ll surprise and amaze us with next month!


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