Smart Kitty

Okay, I felt a tad silly buying this shirt from Gymboree, even though it was on sale. Still seemed a tad frivolous, but seriously, it’s as if the Gymboree people have a bug in our home! One of our favorite nicknames for Miss Smarty is Smart Kitty! There are a few others she’s earned lately, but they’re all, um, curses.


This pic makes me laugh, a lot. Right now, Margo is way more into Smarty than Smarty is into Margo… this would be the time of a child’s life when a dog would be more in step with their interest. IDK, I’ve never had a dog, but most dogs we see are all about some interest from babies. Smarty is like “Um, no thanks. You’re loud & wave your arms.” Not sure what sort of planets aligned for me to snap this photo!


3 Responses

  1. cute! Believe me- that is about a billion times more interested in Margo than our cat ever was in Emily. We eventually decided to send him to my parents b/c she really just stressed him out too much!

  2. Love, love, love it! Emily is totally into cats, sadly, we don’t have one. She also loves this photo, she said “hi kitty” at least a dozen times.

  3. Yay! Love it! They both look so cute. I’m glad you got the little shirt & we’re able to take the photo!

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