Operation Hot Mother

Lol, that’s for my Arrested Development fan readers. Everyone else will probably just think I’m weird. (And they wouldn’t be totally wrong.)

So, I mentioned in a previous post I’m doing the Outer Banks Half Marathon this year! I did it two years ago and had a blast, though training wasn’t easy. It’s tough work, but I think it’s so sadistically fun to see your body go farther than you ever thought it could. Before doing it, 13.1 miles seemed like a long distance to drive. It’s still far, and it’s not like training this time around will be any easier, but I know my body can do it.

Fitting in workouts has become a little more complicated since Margo’s come into the picture. I’m currently doing two 3 mile runs and one 2 mile run during the week, and 1 long run on the weekends (right now it’s 4). The distances of all of the aforementioned will increase over the 3 months of training. Right now it’s a little daunting to see a 10 mile run the week before the race, but I’ll get there. I’m also aiming to get two P90X strength workouts in per week. And I just figured out how to make it so I don’t have to listen to Tony the whole time so yay, that just got way less annoying! Today I did arms & shoulders while listening to npr, during Margo’s nap. And I know I’m like the only one who likes the P90X yoga dvd, but I hope to do it every weekend on the non-long run day, or maybe switch it up with another good yoga dvd if anyone has any recs!

So yeah, that’s a pretty exhausting week! Last week, the first official week of training, I was very tired by Friday (the day of rest). I ran with the stroller for two of the three runs during the week. It’s fun to have Margo with me, but so exciting to go for runs without her! I’ve also been trying to stay honest to the tips the nutritionist gave me. I’ve been much more mindful about protein. I got some of the Whey Protein Powder from Whole Foods, and tried it in chocolate milk. Um, bad idea. I will have to try to find other things to put it in… the protein shake feels like a lot of work right now! My new favorite healthy snack is grapes and Babybel cheese! Mmmm!

This post is a little ADD, but oh well 🙂 I’m enjoying my Hot Mother regimen so far, hopefully the energy level stays up!


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