The “Rotation”

Cooking has become understandably more difficult since Margo has come onto the scene. However, eating healthier food at home has also become more important, so I’ve been working on finding easily prepared meals. We have a few favorites, but we also are being challenged to try new veggies since we get a CSA (community supported agriculture) produce box weekly. It’s pretty fun, Scott brings home a box full of in-season and locally grown items and we have to find a way to use them or freeze them (or make baby food out of them!) We’re stepping well out of our comfort zone, but also eating a lot more veggies than we otherwise would be. This week’s main challenge: Eggplant. Here‘s what I made, and it was delicious!! I’d never actually (knowingly) eaten eggplant until this weekend… it was pretty good & we’ll make it again!

This is our current “rotation” of good recipes:

Life-Changing Chicken – or bbq skewer chicken, if you want a more descriptive title. I like this one because 1. it’s DELICIOUS and 2. I can make it the night before lessening the work right before dinner. That’s a big challenge, since Margo hits the sack at 7 and Scott often gets home at 5:45 or so.

Yummy Salad – This is more of a strong side dish, but it’s fabulous for summer and I’ve been making it often.

Dry Rubbed Pork Chops – This one makes me feel all “cheffy” since I kind of don’t have a recipe & just wing it. I used this video as a basic how-to. I also throw a splash of apple juice in the baking dish while I let them marinate to keep the moisture for when they cook. Another dish I can make ahead… loves it! They’re yummy on the grill or in the oven!

Grilled Potatoes – If we’re grilling anyway, these are a great sidekick to our meat dishes.

I’m trying to branch out as much as possible, and use the wonderful produce we have. And whatever we have & don’t want to eat (*cough*SWEET POTATOES*cough*), well, Margo will get that in a month or so 🙂


3 Responses

  1. The CSA produce box sounds fantastic! All the other meals sound delicious. I’ve been reading way too many blogs about food lately, and I can’t wait to move home and try out some recipes where people other than me can eat them!

  2. Thanks for the link to the eggplant recipe. I love that it’s rated “easy”. Later in the summer our CSA produces so much eggplant that I’m always looking for uses.

  3. We need to start a mommy easy recipe bank somewhere. Meals you can make in 30 minutes or less without crazy ingredients :). Also getting SAS food is awesome for quick dinners. They also have most of their recipes online too!

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