Ode to the Cloth Diapers

One of our biggest and most misunderstood decisions we’ve made in baby-rearing is the choice to use cloth diapers. We love it, and they’re working out really well so far. They’re pretty user-friendly and should probably have a different name entirely from the cloth diapers of days past that needed pins and rubber pants.

Here are some reasons we love our cloth diapers for Margo’s adorable little bum:

1. Environment. Obviously… and to be perfectly honest, it’s part of our reasoning but not ALL of it. Every time I do laundry though, I think about how those 20-some diapers are getting used again, not being tossed. Which is quite nice and, like the diapers, warm and fuzzy.

2. Cost. This is a much more prominent reason for us. We’re currently using Kissaluvs for the newborn and infancy stage, and our stash is comprised of a few shower gifts, some used, some borrowed and a few we purchased ourselves. Again, I get all warm and fuzzy when I take them out of the dryer and think, I don’t have to run to the store to get more! I am set for 2 more days now, no extra cost! The cost only gets better when you consider we’ll use these for a future child (and if it’s a boy, he can deal with the trauma of a few purple diapers… sorry son), and I can sell them when I’m done.

3. It’s not that inconvenient. Maybe that sounds like a lame reason, but I feel like a big connotation with cloth diapers is that it’s a lot more work and fuss. I was also afraid of this going into it, but signed on regardless. Well, it IS more work than simply tossing a dirty diaper in the trash, but it’s not too much more. It’s a load of laundry more, really. And especially right now when I’m home all day, doing another load isn’t an issue at all.

4. Cute, cute! They’re so much cuter than disposables… she could go pantsless (if it weren’t February…) and be adorable still!

5. Less mess & stankiness. This weekend, we took a forced weekend off of using our cloth diapers because of a persistent diaper rash. (Another fact about cloth: you can’t use a lot of traditional ointments … ie Desitin… bc it stains or otherwise ruins them. And Mommy didn’t plan ahead with a cloth-safe diaper cream so we’re waiting for that, hopefully in today’s mail.) And something kind of unexpected happened… I can’t wait to use cloth again. Until the past few days, I couldn’t imagine how parents could know if their kid had a dirty diaper by smelling their butt through her clothes, because with cloth we honestly can’t smell it. With disposables? Um, yeah. It’s messier and yuckier. And all of the sudden, I understand how people who have only used disposables would say no way to cloth. If you assume cloth gives you the same result… yeah, I wouldn’t be interested in that either. I use a little vinegar in the first rinse and so far, that’s totally kept the stankiness away.

The only real downside I can think of is how big it makes her butt… but our 9 lb bundle of joy is still in newborn clothes even WITH the big booty cloth diapers so it’s not too troubling to us.

So there you have it, Internet. We’re exceedingly happy with this decision. And see, aren’t they pretty?


3 Responses

  1. So enlighten me. What does your newborn stash include? I’m still planning on doing this in the future and just never got around to buying them last time.

    • For the first month (until the belly button thinger falls off…) I’m using Kissaluv Size 0’s with 3 XS covers (they have the dip for the belly button thinger.) I have two pro-wrap covers and 1 Thirsties. I reuse the covers for about a day each, bc they don’t really get dirty. I think I have about 25 KL0’s that get us by for 2 days, so I’m laundering every other day. Once she gets a little bigger I have a few AIO’s to make the rotation a little better laundry wise – 5 kushies all in ones and 5 baby beehinds AIO’s. I haven’t used them yet bc she’s still too small, but will keep you posted! Oh, we also have about 30 flannel wipes, maybe more. I like using all the same “type” of thing, so you just throw the wipe in the diaper like you would with a disposable, you know?

  2. Thanks! This seems like a really easy setup. Glad it is working for you.

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